Jodi Arias’s Ex-Cellmate Shares Secrets, Shows Off Tattoos Jodi Gave Her

May 31, 2018

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PHOENIX, ARIZONA — The former cellmate of Jodi Arias has given an interview to the press in which she deems the notorious boyfriend slayer a “sociopath” and also reveals the tattoos given to her by Arias.

Jodi Arias is presently serving a life sentence at the Perryville women’s prison facility for the 2008 murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Specifically, Arias stabbed Alexander 27 times, slit his throat, and shot him once in the head.

Tracy Brown, a former inmate at the Estrella prison in Phoenix, shared a cell with Arias for five months. Brown says she allowed Arias to tattoo her six times — including one image on her ankle that the artist herself signed. When asked about permanently sporting the name “Jodi Arias” on her body, Brown calls it “the biggest mistake I ever made.”

Brown claims that Arias made extra money behind bars by selling her artwork and tattooing other prisoners. To perform that latter service, Brown says, Arias used a combination of pencil lead, mascara, and a makeshift needle.

Since anything resembling a needle is contraband in prison, Brown claims that Arias was able to ply her trade by coming on to guards and other staffers. Brown said:

“There were a couple of officers — she would flirt with or play with her hair with — and they would go in find that tattoo equipment, and they would leave it alone.”

In addition to the tattoos, Brown says that Arias admitted to stalking and murdering Alexander to her. However, Brown additionally claims Arias said Alexander had not been her original target.

According to Brown, Arias told her the initial plan was to attack Lisa Daidone, the woman he had been dating while he was still allegedly sleeping with Arias. Brown describes her cellmate dramatically making the confession:

“I was just watching her, and she kind of goes down to her knees on the floor and I was looking at her and I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ And she started crying, just a couple of tears coming out of her eyes, then it was done.”

Jodi Arias

Photo by: Arizona Department of Corrections

Arizona Department of Corrections

Jodi Arias

On top of that, Brown says Arias was “so mean to her mom,” sometimes denying prison visits after her mother traveled to Arizona to California, in favor of sitting face-to-face “with a guy that [Arias was] manipulating.”

Brown says that she and Arias maintained a letter correspondence for a while, but that Jodi just cut it off after she was transferred to the state penitentiary to serve out her life sentence.

All told, Tracy Brown says of her former cellmate:

“She will use you to get what she wants, then when she is done with you, she will throw you away … she’s a sociopath.”

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