Watch: Thief Robs Woman At ATM, Returns Cash After Seeing Her Empty Bank Account

Security cameras captured the crime that turned into an unexpected act of kindness.

March 26, 2019
Robber & Victim at ATM [CGTM/screenshot]

Robber & Victim at ATM [CGTM/screenshot]

By: Mike McPadden

HEYUAN, CHINA — Security video has gone viral that appears to depict a knife-wiedling man robbing a woman at an ATM and then, after seeing that she has no other money in her account, returning the cash to his intended victim.

The incident reportedly occurred last month when a woman identified only as Ms. Li withdrew $375 from an ATM at an ICBC branch. The bank’s closed-circuit TV system captured the event on tape.

The video depicts Ms. Li making the transaction. As she moves to pocket the withdrawal, a man in a black jacket approaches Li from behind. It was later reported that he was carrying a small knife.

The thief apparently demands the cash from Li, and she hands it over. While taking the money, the robber asks Li to check her balance on the ATM screen. He then apparently has a change of heart after seeing that that her account was now empty. From there, the robber smiles, hands the cash back to Ms. Li, and walks away.

The suspect has since been identified by the last name Deng, and is reported to be in custody. Still, as the video has been making the rounds of the internet, he’s also come to be known as “The World’s Kindest Crook.”

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