Florida Woman's Loyal Dogs Caught On Video Saving Her Life When She Has Stroke

Maureen Hatcher's doorbell camera captured the moment when her pets saved their owner's life.

February 08, 2019
Maureen Hatcher, Bella, and Sadie [KSEE video screenshot]

Maureen Hatcher, Bella, and Sadie [KSEE video screenshot]

Maureen Hatcher, Bella, and Sadie [KSEE video screenshot]

By: Mike McPadden

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL — Two loyal dogs have been credited with saving the life of their owner after she suffered a stroke, and their heroic action was caught on video by a doorbell camera.

Maureen Hatcher, 62, collapsed in her St. Augustine home on December 3 as the result of a clot cutting off blood to the right side of her brain. While she lay helpless on the floor, Bella and Sadie — her loyal Labradors — came to investigate. As Hatcher recalled, “I said, ‘Mommy needs help!’ and they were gone.”

In an instant, Bella and Sadie raced out of the house and over to a neighbor’s home, barking to get her attention. The neighbor responded by checking in on Hatcher, seeing her in distress, and calling 911. EMS workers arrived quickly and rushed Hatcher to a comprehensive stroke center in Jacksonville.

The entire life-and-death drama was recorded in real time by Hatcher’s Ring doorbell security camera, and the video has subsequently gone viral.

Since time is of the essence when it comes to preventing brain damage from a stroke, Bella and Sadie’s immediate response not only saved Hatcher’s life, it insured her full recovery. Doctors were able to rapidly remove her blood clot.

Hatcher said her front door normally locks automatically, so it must have been slightly ajar in order for Bella and Sadie to run to the rescue. She also thanked her neighbor, describing her as “an angel across the street,” as well as the EMS crew and medical team who came to her aid.

Of course, Hatcher is also most profoundly grateful to her two best friends, Bella and Sadie. As she hugged the dogs, Hatcher told a reporter, “By rights, I shouldn’t be in the shape I’m in. I am blessed … very blessed.”

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