Surveillance Video Captures Man Obsessively Licking Couple’s Intercom Call Button

“This guy's getting some sick jollies off of something,” says homeowner David Dungan.

January 09, 2019
Roberto Daniel Arroyo [News4JAX/screenshot]

Roberto Daniel Arroyo [News4JAX/screenshot]

Roberto Daniel Arroyo [News4JAX/screenshot]

By: Aaron Rasmussen

SALINAS, CA — A California couple was startled when they discovered surveillance footage of a man licking the intercom call button on their front porch in the middle of the night.

Law enforcement said suspect Roberto Daniel Arroyo, 33, showed up at the Dungan family’s house around 2 A.M. on January 5. For over two hours, their Ring system captured him staring into the security camera, tonguing the doorbell-intercom, dozing off, and going in and out of frame.

"He's obviously being pretty perverted and weird about it," noted Salinas Police Commander Matt Maldonado of Arroyo’s high-tech make-out session.

The local homeless man, who has past arrests for suspicion of public intoxication, capped off his bizarre early-hours display by peeing in a potted plant and stealing an extension cord used to power the home’s outdoor Christmas decorations, according to Miguel Cabrera, a public information officer with the Salinas Police.

David and Syliva Dungan had been out of town and became aware of their uninvited visitor when they noticed alerts from the security system. David at first thought his stepson activated it while returning from an overnight shift at work — but then he and his wife watched the surveillance video. "This guy's getting some sick jollies off of something,” he noted.

After alerting neighbors and the authorities, the couple’s next move was to bleach their doorknobs and wipe down their security system.

Police have recommended charging Arroyo with misdemeanor prowling, theft, and violation of probation charges. Whether or not the Monterey County District Attorney's Office decides to pursue the case, PIO Cabrera will have a hard time forgetting the incident. “It’s probably the weirdest I’ve heard in many years,” he said.

As for the Dungans, they are trying to have a sense of humor about the situation — while staying safe. "This just kind of reinforces how important it is to have security within your home," said Sylvia. Still, she added, ”You kind of laugh about it afterwards because technically he didn't do anything."

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