15 Tweets That Made Us Even More Obsessed With Candice DeLong

If there's one thing Profiler Candice DeLong can do, it's spot a killer.

September 08, 2021
By: Crime Feed Staff

Here are 15 times Candice DeLong of ‘Deadly Women’ summed up our lives perfectly.

1. It always seems like a great idea at first...

2. The answer is always yes.

3. Candice understands the assignment.

4. Every time, without fail.

5. Some crimes just can't be forgiven.

6. Sorry, just one more episode. We promise.

7. Read between the lines.

8. There's no better feeling than when a new episode drops.

9. Sounds like a date.

10. Their loss!

11. Start from Season 1 on discovery+ and thank us later.

12. Too much true crime? We don't know her.

13. We can only dream.

14. It's called multi-tasking... just without the tasks.

15. I can offer moral support instead.

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