Who Beat Up Baby Jesse? Cops Investigate Shocking Indianapolis Daycare Abuse

May 01, 2018
By: Mike McPadden

Google Earth/screenshot

Google Earth/screenshot

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — An Indianapolis mom is furious over the beating her one-year-old son endured at his daycare center. As the boy is being treated in a hospital, police are investigating, demanding to know what happened and who did it.

Tiffany Griffin said she heard her son Jesse screaming yesterday as she approached to pick him up from the Kiddie Garden daycare facility. Both Jesse and his older brother have regularly attended the center.

Someone from Kiddie Garden had called Griffin at work to report that Jesse had been injured. When Griffin arrived, she was horrified to see that the baby suffered severe cuts and bruises to his face, as well as two hugely swollen lips.

Baby Jesse is presently being treated and examined at a nearby hospital, his mom said.

Griffin admitted to police that, in shock and anger, she punched a 22-year-old Kiddie Garden employee. That worker, however, claims a two-year-old classmate physically attacked baby Jesse. The initial investigation report lists the employee as a suspect.

Tiffany Griffith says her boys will absolutely not return to Kiddie Garden, and she doesn’t know if she’ll ever again feel comfortable leaving her children is someone else’s care. She told a reporter:

“Now I’ve gotta be a stay-at-home mom and not do the thing I want to do to advance in life — to give them the best in order to make sure they’re taken care of and not neglected.”

Haben Ghebremichael, who owns Kiddie Garden, said that the employee in charge of Jesse at the time of the incident has been fired.

Ghebremichael also maintains the claim that a two-year-old girl beat up Jesse and says that, while that other toddler has acted out in the past, “the extent of the injuries just blows our minds.”

No charges have yet been filed. The investigation continues.

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