West Virginia Woman Hid Knife In Buttocks & Threatened To Drink Deputies' Blood

Jackie Fullmer threatened to stab deputies in the neck and watch their "blood drain as she drank it" while being transported.

October 11, 2018
Jackie Fullmer [West Virginia Regional Jail]

Jackie Fullmer [West Virginia Regional Jail]

Jackie Fullmer [West Virginia Regional Jail]

By: Catherine Townsend

FAIRMONT, WW — A West Virginia woman has been accused of trying to steal a car, threatening to drink deputies' blood, and hiding a knife in her buttocks.

Jackie Fullmer, 37, has been charged with attempted robbery and threats of terroristic acts.

Police say she was armed with a hatchet and knife when she allegedly tried to steal a man's car keys.

Deputies began chasing her, and after she ran at his cruiser brandishing a hatchet, one officer shot Fullmer with a stun gun.

According to multiple news outlets, she then threatened to stab deputies in their necks and watch their "blood drain as [she] drank it" as she was being transported.

Officers found the knife, which was hidden away in her buttocks, during booking. She admitted to using it to cut a seat belt in the cruiser.

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