Former Cellmate Claims Jodi Arias Had Help When She Killed Travis Alexander

September 28, 2017
By: Catherine Townsend

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Jodi Arias admitted to her cellmate that she had an accomplice who helped her murder former boyfriend Travis Alexander, according to a shocking new interview.

Arias, 37, also told former cellmate Donavan Bering that she had originally planned to kill Alexander’s new girlfriend, according to Radar Online.

After Arias was arrested for the murder of her former lover in July 2008, she was locked up in the Maricopa County Jail. It was there that she met Bering, who at the time was being held on felony arson charges. The women shared a cell for over six months, and have been in frequent contact since then.

Bering, who took a polygraph exam to prove that she was telling the truth, said that she later confirmed Arias’ story by speaking to the person Arias claimed was with her on the day Alexander died.

[REDACTED] told me Jodi looked like a crazy woman when she was stabbing Travis,” Bering said of a conversation with the alleged accomplice — whose name is being withheld by Radar to aid investigators.

On June 4, 2008, Arias — who was in a rage about her breakup with Alexander — attacked the 30-year-old businessman in his Mesa, Arizona, home. He was stabbed nearly 30 times, shot in the head, and nearly decapitated when his throat was slit.

Speaking from an undisclosed location in Arizona, Bering also told Radar that Arias originally planned to murder Travis’ new girlfriend.

She was jealous, but Travis was not the target of the killing,” Bering told Radar. “If his girlfriend was there, Travis would be alive today.”

At first, Arias denied any involvement in Alexander’s death. But after friends and family revealed that she stalked Alexander after their breakup, investigators zeroed in on her as a suspect.

She later claimed that she killed him in self-defense, and that he was physically and sexually abusive. Alexander’s friends and family have always totally denied these claims.

Bering said that Arias convinced the unnamed accomplice to go with her Alexander’s home, where the former couple got into an argument when Alexander told her that he was going out with another woman.

There was an altercation, and [REDACTED] goes running up the stairs,” Bering claimed.“When [REDACTED] got upstairs, [REDACTED] said Jodi was on Travis’ back, stabbing him. But [REDACTED] did it all to protect Jodi, and was under the impression the fight was started by Travis.”

Some experts have claimed that the crime scene supports the theory of an accomplice, due to the sheer brutality of the crime, and Arias’ lack of injuries.

Arias was convicted of Alexander’s murder, and is now serving a life sentence at the Perryville Prison in Arizona.

She is currently appealing her conviction.

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