Man Faked Down Syndrome So That Women Would Change His Diapers

All three caregivers told police that Paul Anthony Menchaca would become sexually aroused as he was being bathed

Paul Anthony Menchaca [Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office]

Paul Anthony Menchaca [Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office]

By: Catherine Townsend

GILBERT, AZ — A 31-year-old Arizona man has been busted after allegedly conning three female caregivers into believing he had Down Syndrome so that they would bathe him and change his diapers.

Paul Anthony Menchaca, 31, allegedly posed as a woman named "Amy" and hired three different people to take care of her "son" over the summer, according to KNXV.

One woman told police she changed his diaper and helped him take a bath nearly 30 times. In July, two other people began to care for Menchaca.

All three caregivers told police that Menchaca would become sexually aroused as he was being bathed.

"He needed shower and grooming, he couldn't use the bathroom himself, he couldn't really be alone by himself. He acted like a child; his whole demeanor was childlike. He would act in tantrums, talk like a child, act like a child," one of the caregivers said.

Menchaca's lies were exposed after one of the caregivers became suspicious and followed him to his residence, and spoke with his parents. That's when she discovered that he did not have Down Syndrome or need diapers.

Police said that he admitted the deception after the three women, who all know each other, confronted him.

According to KNXV, Menchaca is employed as a school crossing guard, although he just resigned on August 31. He had passed all the required fingerprint and background reference checks for the position.

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