Family Of Bedridden Woman Arrested; Maggots, Cockroaches Eating Her Decomposing Legs

By: Catherine Townsend
Christopher and Terry Sorrell

Christopher and Terry Sorrell

Photo by: Gwinett County Police

Gwinett County Police

Christopher and Terry Sorrell

SUGAR HILL, GA — A bedridden woman’s husband and son have been arrested in Georgia after police found her in horrific conditions in her home, with her legs rotting and maggots crawling on her.

The woman’s husband Terry Sorrell, 54, and son, Christian Sorrell, 18, were taken into custody and charged with neglecting a disabled or elderly person.

The victim had reportedly been admitted to a long-term care facility a month ago, but as both Terry and Christian are unemployed, they could not afford to keep her there. They checked her out and brought her home.

Authorities said that they found the unconscious woman still lying in a “Mega Mover” that was used to take her to the hospital about a month ago. But it was completely covered in feces, according to police, and the woman’s legs appeared to be turning black. Investigators had to wear breathing mask just to enter the apartment.

In addition, the woman was covered with insects — including maggots and cockroaches — that were eating her flesh.

There was also reportedly garbage around the woman’s bed, and littering the floor of the home. “When I first walked through the front door, I was overwhelmed with the smell of human feces and garbage,” one officer wrote in a police report.

The woman’s husband and son were reportedly taken into custody and are being held at Gwinnett County Jail. They are each being held on $22,000 bond.

The victim is reportedly alive and alert, but “not doing good.”

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