Irate Dad Avenging Son Allegedly Punches Student, Pushes Woman From School Bleachers

Michael McMillan stormed a Memphis school gym and commanded his kid to "point him out."

November 29, 2018

Michael McMillan [Shelby County Sheriff’s Office]

Michael McMillan [Shelby County Sheriff’s Office]

By: Aaron Rasmussen

MEMPHIS, TN — An angry and overprotective Tennessee helicopter dad got in hot water after he allegedly assaulted a student and a female staffer who came to the rescue at his son’s school.

On October 26, the woman working an after-hours program at Craigmont High School told authorities that Michael McMillan stormed the property’s gym with his son trailing behind.

A police affidavit stated that when she tried to bar the hulking 44-year-old man from entering and asked him to leave, he pushed his way past her.

“Point him out,” McMillan commanded his son, who indicated another boy sitting on the bleachers. The father grabbed the juvenile and allegedly used a closed fist to punch him twice in the head, leaving him with a busted lip.

The woman tried to stop the attack, but the affidavit stated McMillan “knocked her off the bleachers with his arm, striking her nose, causing her to fall off the bleachers, onto the floor, landing on her back.” She suffered bruising to her body and a swollen nose.

Other workers who were present grabbed the dad long enough for the injured student to break away and flee for safety.

Police charged McMillan with two misdemeanor counts of simple assault after his victims both identified him in a six-person photo lineup.

“You can’t go around putting your hands on other people’s children,” one parent, Gary Walton, told WREG-TV. “I am shocked, because me as a father, I wouldn’t do it.”

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