Cops Say Good Samaritan Rescued Woman From Attempted Sex Assault Alongside NJ Highway

While confronting the suspect, the heroic motorist said he thought, “It’s either going to be him or me—and it’s not going to be me!”

June 11, 2019

Donald Cramer [New Jersey State Police]

Donald Cramer [New Jersey State Police]

By: Mike McPadden

While running an errand a New Jersey motorist said he noticed a man assaulting a woman in a wooded area alongside the road. In a flash, the driver said he bolted from his vehicle and confronted the alleged attacker. As the two men allegedly grappled, passing firefighters pulled over and held the accused predator while waiting for police to arrive. The suspect is now in custody and cops are hailing the Good Samaritan as a hero.

Authorities say Donald Cramer Jr., 52, of Philadelphia has been arrested and charged with multiple crimes following an alleged attempted assault that was disrupted by New Jersey hospital worker John Bishop, 54. Talking to the press, Bishop said he was driving on a different route than usual that day to pick up pool chemicals when he witnessed a disturbing sight in the wooded area along the highway. Recounted Bishop, “I saw arms and black hair. He just grabbed her and yanked her forcefully backwards. The moment she screamed, she was right next to my truck window.” After he parked on the shoulder of the road, Bishop said, "I yelled and I said, ‘Hey get off of her!’ and then he started getting up.” As the man allegedly attempted to flee down a hill, Bishop said he ran after him and they got into a physical altercation. “I told him I had a gun in (my) back pocket — I didn’t — and he didn’t even listen,” Bishop said. Police have since alleged, though, it was Cramer who was in possession of a gun.

During their dust-up, Bishop said he wanted to drag the other man back up the hill so that passing cars could see them. He told a reporter, “I was thinking it's either going to be him or me, and it's not going to be me. He hit the rail with his stomach and I just grabbed him by the back of his pants and flipped him over to the street and jumped on him.” Fortunately, three firefighters driving by reportedly stopped and broke up the melee, holding the accused attacker until police could arrive.

The alleged victim, who has not been identified, reportedly told police that she had gotten off a bus at the wrong stop and was walking back to her car when the suspect allegedly attacked her. Authorities say the woman was treated at a hospital for minor injuries and released.

Police report that Cramer has been charged with kidnapping, criminal attempted sexual assault, aggravated assault, robbery, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, terrorist threats, criminal restraint and resisting arrest. Investigators also say they believe Cramer may be connected to other sexual assaults. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Craig McCoy of the Bordentown Criminal Investigation Office at 609-298-1171. Anonymous tips are welcome.

New Jersey State Police issued a statement on the incident, declaring: “As troopers, we respond to a variety of calls everyday, and there are times when we must place our lives in jeopardy. Citizens are not necessarily held to this standard, but there are also times when Good Samaritans step in and risk their lives in order to protect others. This was just the case when John Bishop intervened to save a female victim from an attempted sexual assault.”

John Bishop, however, maintains, “The cops are the heroes. I just helped somebody out.”

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