Mug Shots Of The Month For February 2019

February 28, 2019
By: Christine Colby

Photo By: Julian Mitchell [Nashville Metro Police Department]

Photo By: Thomas Smith [Missoula County Sheriff's Office]

Photo By: Brian Hancock [Eastlake Police]

Photo By: James Taylor [Fairfield Police Department]

Photo By: Jose Rosado [Polk County Sheriff's Office]

Photo By: Joshua Young [Louisville Metro Department of Corrections]

Photo By: Filberto Felix [Riverside Police Department]

Photo By: Robert Rhoades [Illinois Department of Corrections]

Photo By: Wade Smith [Pasco County Sheriff's Office]

Man Tried To Use Stolen ID At Bar, Looked Nothing Like Victim: Cops

Julian R. Mitchell, 20, of Nashville, Tennessee, has been arrested for identity theft after attempting to use a stolen debit card at a bar. When asked to show ID, the man allegedly produced a driver’s license that police say was “plainly obvious” that it belonged to someone else.

Mitchell was arrested in Davidson County after a bar worker notified the authorities. He is currently being held on a $25,000 bond.

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Serial Vandal Arrested Again, This Time For Arson

Thomas Smith, 62, had been busted about a week before for three vandalism cases. This time, he was nabbed for burning down an abandoned cabin, totaling $5,000 in damages.

One could be excused for thinking he's happy to be back in jail, based on his mug shot!

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Welfare Check On Vehicle Passenger Yields Heroin & Stolen Goods

After a welfare check was requested for Ohio woman Rochelle Lacroix, officers located her in the passenger seat of a vehicle being driven by Brian Hancock.

K9 Officer Axel detected narcotics in the car, so it was searched. Police discovered heroin, as well as various stolen goods.

The pair was charged with felony drug possession and receiving stolen property.

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Woman Was Using iPad To Track Ex-Husband Just Before He Killed Her: Cops

According to police, a Connecticut woman was using an iPad to track the real-time location of her ex-husband right up until the moment he stormed into her son’s home and shot her to death.

James Taylor, 75, has been arrested for murder, home invasion, burglary, and illegal discharge of a firearm over the incident that took the life of his ex-wife, Catherine Taylor, 70.

After killing Catherine, police say, James attempted to fire a shot at her 45-year-old son, who successfully tackled his stepfather while on the phone with 911, and then held him for responders.

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Florida Man's Cowbell Got Him Arrested

Jose Alberto Rosado, 46, of Lakeland, Florida, was driving down the road with a cowbell dragging from his trailer hitch.

A deputy, first attracted by the racket, noticed Rosado's registration had expired. And it just went downhill for the driver from there.

After he pulled him over, the deputy found that Rosado's driver's license had been suspended. Additionally, he was carrying synthetic marijuana.

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Man Confesses To Murder He'd Previously Gotten Away With

Joshua Young has come forward and confessed to a murder for which he was previously acquitted — leaving his father to take the rap.

Young and his father, Joshua Gouker, were charged with the murder of 14-year-old Trey Zwicker, who was Young's stepbrother.

Although he initially implicated Young, at trial, Gouker reversed his plea and claimed sole responsibility for the crime.

Now, five years later, Young has confessed in a letter from prison (he's in for an unrelated charge) that he beat Zwicker to death with a baseball bat. He's hoping to clear his father's name.

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Car Thief Steals Tesla, Which Can Be Tracked Through A Phone App

When Filberto Felix allegedly stole a Tesla, it seems he wasn't aware that owners can track their cars' locations using a phone app. With the owner providing real-time updates to the Riverside Police Department, they tracked him down right away.

Felix, however, didn't surrender, but led the officers on a high-speed, dangerous pursuit.

They were able to apprehend Felix before too long, though, when the Tesla's battery charge ran out and the vehicle came to a stop on a freeway.

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'Hey, That's Me!': Woman Recognizes Herself In Photo Taken In Serial Killer's Truck

While casually perusing Facebook one day in 2015, Alberta native Pamela Milliken, now 52, came across a photo of herself that she never expected to see.

The picture, taken in 1985, depicts 18-year-old Milliken in the cab of a truck. She’s wearing a gray hoodie and she looks sleepy after a night of thumbing rides.

Thirty years later, the image was posted on Facebook by international law-enforcement agencies, in hope of identifying the woman in the snapshot. The photo, it turned out, had been removed from the apartment of Robert Ben Rhoades, a serial rapist and murderer known as “The Truck Stop Killer.”

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Florida Man Arrested For Assaulting Girlfriend With A Cookie

Wade Smith, 41, of Zephyrhills, Florida, was arrested for domestic battery after his live-in girlfriend called the cops on him.

When the deputies arrived, she told them that Smith "threw a hard piece of cookie and hit her in the forehead."

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