Julene Simko Was Convicted Of Her Husband's Murder 10 Years After His Death Sep 19, 2018

By: Catherine Townsend

The prosecution said that Julene Simko's motive was money — and what they referred to as a master-slave sexual relationship.

Florida Delivery Man Attacked Elderly Woman With Mallet, Set Her Ablaze, Cops Say Aug 22, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

The 75-year-old victim reportedly suffered brain trauma and severe burns before dying at a local hospital.

Burned Body Found In Storage Unit Believed To Be Missing Teacher Jeanine Cammarata May 24, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

The remains were described as “charred and unidentifiable”; the victim’s estranged husband has been named the “primary suspect.”

Strip Club DJ — 'DJ Awesome' — Hires Best Friend To Carry Out Hit On Wife Oct 11, 2018

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Police entered the residence and discovered Tiffany on a guest room bed with her two-year-old son lying atop her chest, crying, “M …

A Year After The Hart Family Car Wreck, The Biological Mom Of 3 Kids Killed Speaks Out Feb 27, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

Tammy Scheurich opens up about her children Markis, Hannah, and Abigail, who died when their adoptive parents drove them off a cli …

Sister Of Delphi Murder Victim Libby German Streams Live On YouTube To 'Debunk Rumors' Jul 10, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

Kelsi German addressed speculation regarding the 2017 “Delphi Snapchat Murders” of her sister, Liberty German, and Abigail William …

Edge Of The Cliff: How An American Dream Turned Into A Nightmare For A Model Family Dec 18, 2018

By: Matt Gilligan

Jennifer and Sarah Hart were regarded by all who knew them as caring and devoted parents who had adopted two sets of three Black s …

Enraged Driver Cuts Woman In Half With Car After Victim ‘Wouldn’t Go’ At Intersection Dec 4, 2018

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Elizabeth McKeown allegedly struck Barbara Foster on purpose because she was desperate to get to the bank before it closed.

Outrage: Healthy Dog Reportedly Euthanized To Be Buried With Dead Owner At Her Request May 22, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

It’s against the law in Virginia for animal remains to be interred with a human's, adding a legal element to the sad story of Shih …

Murder of Ex-Priest Formerly Accused of Sex Abuse May Be Linked to Craigslist Ad He Placed for “Male Wrestlers;” Cops Say Jun 6, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

A man being held in a Michigan jail has been named as a suspect in the March 2019 murder of a defrocked Catholic priest who had be …

Steven Avery's Lawyer Says It's 'Fairly Obvious' Who Killed Teresa Halbach Oct 5, 2018

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry

Regardless of where you stand on Steven Avery's guilt or innocence, a tainted crime scene, suspicious evidence, and police miscond …

'DJ Freez' Arrested As DNA From Gum & Bottle Links Him To 1992 Rape-Murder Sep 12, 2018

By: Mike McPadden

A relative of Raymond Rowe uploaded DNA to GEDmatch — the same site led to the arrest of Golden State Killer suspect Joseph DeAnge …

David Sparks Charged In Slaying Of Savannah Spurlock, Mother Of 4 Aug 30, 2019

David Sparks was arrested in July after the discovery of human remains at a rural Garrard County home allegedly owned by members o …

Chris Watts Is Getting Love Letters; His Former Mistress Is Receiving Death Threats Jan 4, 2019

By: Catherine Townsend

Nichol Kessinger, Chris Watts’ former mistress, has been placed in the witness protection program after receiving death threats.

If These Walls Could Talk: The 5 Most Infamous Murder Mansions Sep 25, 2018

By: Emily Kaiser

Once you learn the dark deeds committed inside these palatial estates, you'll appreciate your modest linoleum split-level home a w …