Alabama Girl, 11, Found In Woods Was Strangled To Death; Suspect Arrested Mar 5, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

Christopher Madison has been charged with capital murder for killing Amberly Barnett.

Cops Say Florida Man Killed Family, Stole $210K for His Porn Site 'Girlfriend' Jan 31, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

Grant Amato allegedly shot his parents and brother, took money over a woman he met on an adult website.

'DJ Freez' Arrested As DNA From Gum & Bottle Links Him To 1992 Rape-Murder Sep 12, 2018

By: Mike McPadden

A relative of Raymond Rowe uploaded DNA to GEDmatch — the same site led to the arrest of Golden State Killer suspect Joseph DeAnge …

Edge Of The Cliff: How An American Dream Turned Into A Nightmare For A Model Family Dec 18, 2018

By: Matt Gilligan

Jennifer and Sarah Hart were regarded by all who knew them as caring and devoted parents who had adopted two sets of three Black s …

Steven Avery's Lawyer Says It's 'Fairly Obvious' Who Killed Teresa Halbach Oct 5, 2018

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry

Regardless of where you stand on Steven Avery's guilt or innocence, a tainted crime scene, suspicious evidence, and police miscond …

Police Discover Missing Grandfather’s Body Parts In New Neighbor’s Yard Nov 12, 2018

By: Aaron Rasmussen

A trail of blood led to the beloved 77-year-old Georgia man’s remains.

Florida Mom & Boyfriend Arrested After Her 2 Sons Drowned In Pool, Cops Say Sep 10, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

Police allege the boys' mom may have been sleeping when the boys, ages 5 and 6, swam without supervision and died in a pool at an …

Texas Mom Imprisoned For Partying While Her Babies Baked To Death In Scorching Car Dec 18, 2018

By: Aaron Rasmussen

“People in our community take better care of their pets,” the judge told Amanda Hawkins.

Missing Mom Texted 'I Will Be In Tomorrow If I'm Not Dead'; Cops ID Husband As Suspect Feb 20, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

Cheryl Coker vanished in October 2018; police believe she is “not alive.”

Wisconsin Babysitter Allegedly Tricked Mom Into Believing Her Dead Newborn Was Asleep Jan 7, 2019

By: Aaron Rasmussen

The woman bundled the infant up in a snowsuit and pulled a hat down over his eyes.

Marine Vet Who Allegedly Killed 12 In California May Have Suffered PTSD Nov 8, 2018

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Ian David Long is believed to have taken his own life with a self-inflicted gunshot after committing the mass murder.

Chris Watts Finally Admits To Killing His Daughters In Prison Interview Mar 11, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

Watts said Bella asked, “What happened to Cece? Is the same thing gonna happen to me as Cece?”

5 Dead in 2 Louisiana Mass Shootings; Suspect Arrested in Virginia Jan 28, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

Dakota Theriot, 21, was caught at his grandmother’s house; victims include his parents and possible girlfriend.

Florida College Student's Cold Case Murder Cracked Almost 20 Years Later Using DNA Nov 13, 2018

By: Catherine Townsend

Police have arrested a man in connection with the 2001 murder of 25-year-old Florida college student Christine Franke.