Suspect Charged In The Kidnapping, Rape & Murder Of Hania Nicole Aguilar, 13 Dec 10, 2018

By: Catherine Townsend

Michael Ray McLellan, 34, has been charged with first-degree murder and a string of sexual assault charges and is being held witho …

Looking At Luka Magnotta — His Online Life & His Hunger For Fame May 24, 2019

By: Christine Colby

Magnotta threatened that his next online video would involve “some humans.” He also wrote, “Once you kill and taste blood it's imp …

'I Don't Forgive Her': Why Lyle Menendez Blames His Mother, Kitty, For The Brutal Murders Apr 17, 2019

By: Catherine Townsend

“I love my mother, and I still cry over my mother, and I don't forgive her,” he said.

High School Student Charged As Adult With Murder Of 2 Missing Indiana Teens Mar 5, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

In recounting what happened, friends of Connor Kerner say he claimed to have disposed of murdered bodies before, and that he threa …

Michigan Mom Kills Her Three Young Daughters & Herself With Hunting Rifle Feb 21, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

Police say Aubrienne Moore shot her kids in the woods, then drove to boyfriend’s home and committed suicide.

Cops Find Body Of Missing Illinois Boy AJ Freund; Parents Charged With Murder Apr 25, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

AJ was reportedly “buried in a shallow grave, wrapped in plastic”; cops say the parents cracked and directed them to the body.

Valerie Reyes Had A Premonition: Told Mom, 'I'm Afraid Someone Is Going To Murder Me' Nov 7, 2019

By: Catherine Townsend

According to her mother, it is unclear exactly who Valerie Reyes was afraid of or why she believed that she was being targeted.

Killer Dad Dubbed ‘Candyman’ Poisoned Son With Cyanide-Laced Halloween Treats Oct 17, 2018

By: Aaron Rasmussen

The true-crime case of Ronald Clark O’Bryan, known as “Candyman” and “The Man Who Killed Halloween,” forever changed the way many …

If These Walls Could Talk: The 5 Most Infamous Murder Mansions Sep 25, 2018

By: Emily Kaiser

Once you learn the dark deeds committed inside these palatial estates, you'll appreciate your modest linoleum split-level home a w …

Disturbing New Allegations About The Suspect Arrested For Mackenzie Lueck's Murder Jul 1, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

Reports claim the suspect asked for a secret, soundproofed room in his home and that he published a novel last year in which murde …

Hollywood 'Murder' Mystery: Newlywed Actor Found Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances Apr 25, 2019

By: Catherine Townsend

Before Dina Gregg's husband said good-bye as she dropped him off, he assured her that he would walk the dogs when he got home.

Woman Cuts Cousin ‘Into Pieces’ & Barbecues Him On Grill After Drug Deal Gone Wrong Jul 3, 2019

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Candie Dominguez will receive a maximum 30 years behind bars in exchange for her grisly testimony.

Chris Watts Shares More Details About The Murders Of His Pregnant Wife & 2 Daughters Mar 1, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

The convicted murderer talked to investigators from inside jail; the recordings and documents are set to be released next week.

Who Killed The Woman In The Woods? Staten Island Teens Find Burnt Body Behind School Nov 27, 2018

By: Catherine Townsend

NYPD Detectives and medical examiners are trying to shed light on the mysterious death of 30-year-old Yelena Rabkina whose burnt b …

Believe It Or Not, Scott Peterson, Convicted Wife-Killer, Has Groupies Apr 18, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

Since Peterson first got arrested in 2003, admirers have continually loaded his prison bank account with donations.