Episode 2: Missing and Murdered - The Lyon Sisters and Ashley Loring Heavyrunner

In this episode of onFlags, Tori and Karina take a look at two different missing persons cases and examine how societal factors including race and geography have affected the way in which these cases were investigated. They also discuss the emotional toll these cases take on those involved, from family members to detectives to members of surrounding communities. Featuring exclusive interviews with Aaron Bowden, the Executive Producer of “Who Killed the Lyon Sisters?” a new two-part special from ID debuting Saturday, November 28 at 9PM as part of their True Crime at 9 event; and Fochik, the social media manager for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women USA. Don't forget to call us: 888-9-RED-FLA / 888-973-3352 and leave a voicemail with your questions, comments, and cases you want us to cover!

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