What Happened To Grant Solomon? Loved Ones Believe Teen Baseball Star’s Tragic Death May Have Been Murder

Aaron Solomon insists a ‘freak accident’ resulted in his son getting run over by his own car, but his daughter and others disagree.

Grant Solomon, pictured here smiling, died mysteriously on July 20, 2020.

Questions and controversy continue to surround a Tennessee teenager’s death, which some claim was the result of murder and not an accident like authorities and his father believe.

Photo by: Angie Huffines Solomon via Facebook

Angie Huffines Solomon via Facebook

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Questions and controversy continue to surround a Tennessee teenager’s death, which some claim was the result of murder and not an accident like authorities and his father believe.

According to The Tennessean, Grant Solomon, a high school senior and star baseball player at Grace Christian Academy in Franklin, had just turned 18 when he died on July 20, 2020.

An investigation determined Grant was killed after he was struck by his own car while in the parking lot of a baseball training club in Gallatin, The News reported.

A single person — Grant’s father, former Nashville radio and television personality Aaron Solomon — witnessed the death, according to the outlet.

In November 2021, protestors who insisted foul play was involved in Grant’s death gathered at the State Capitol in Nashville and urged the Gallatin Police Department to reinvestigate the case.

The teenager’s sister, Gracie Solomon, and his mother, Angelia Solomon, have alleged the siblings’ father, Aaron, was somehow involved in the deadly incident and claimed there are inconsistencies in the official police report, The News reported.

Gracie, now 16, has also claimed she was abused by their father. In a YouTube video posted in May 2021, she called Aaron “a rapist, a molester, a liar and a killer,” according to The News.

Gracie also alleged her brother feared their father and his “terrifying behavior” and said she “strongly believes [Aaron Solomon] killed Grant.”

Aaron Solomon has not been charged in connection with his son’s death or the alleged abuse of his daughter, and he adamantly denies any wrongdoing. In a lawsuit filed in March 2022 against his ex-wife, Angelia Solomon, Aaron claimed the allegations were part of a smear campaign recklessly carried out on social media.

Now, a Change.org petition launched by “Aunt Jenny” and directed at the Gallatin Police Department, the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations and the District Attorney’s Office has garnered thousands of signatures supporting the demand for a new investigation into the case.

“The only witness was his father, Aaron, who says that Grant was run over by his own car in a ‘freak accident’”, the petition states. “Nothing about this narrative makes sense. No real investigation was ever completed,” the petition continues.

According to the petition, the medical examiner's report shows Grant suffered blunt force trauma to his head as well as bruises, but the petitioner notes that this “does not match Aaron's narrative that he was dragged across a parking lot into a rocky ditch.”

“Grant and his father had a rocky relationship and he had alleged abuse in the past,” the petition claims, noting the clothing and shoes the teenager was wearing when he died “did not have a scratch on them.”

The petition also alleges that “Aaron’s story continues to change.”

“The 911 call, in which he mentions three mysterious men who never came forward, is difficult to listen to as Aaron refuses to go near his son,” and, the petition claims, Aaron “refused to have the truck examined and allegedly committed insurance fraud to try and get rid of it.”

“It’s hard to imagine a father could do this, but all we ask for is a fair, thorough, and unbiased investigation,” the document concludes. “There is more than enough cause for an investigation — that’s all we are asking with this petition. If Mr. Solomon had nothing to do with the alleged accident, he should welcome the investigation.”

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