Teenage Head Guitarist Gord Lewis Was Allegedly Murdered By His Son

Days after the lead guitarist was found dead on Aug. 7, 2022, the rock band said they will continue to play shows to honor their “fallen brother.”

Canadian punk band Teenage Head backstage at a club in Toronto, Canada, summer 1977. From left to right: Steve Mahon (Bass), Gord Lewis (Guitar) Nick Stipanitz (Drums), Frankie Venom (Vocals).

On August 7, 2022, the lead guitarist of Teenage Head, Gord Lewis, was found murdered in his home. His son, 41-year-old Jonathan Lewis, was charged with second-degree murder.

Photo by: Erica Echenberg via Getty Images

Erica Echenberg via Getty Images

On Aug. 7, 2022, Gord Lewis, 65, one of the founding members and lead guitarist of the Canadian punk rock band Teenage Head, was found dead in the apartment he shared with his adult son.

Canada's Hamilton Police Service found Lewis' body in his residence with "injuries consistent with foul play." His son, 41-year-old Jonathan Lewis, has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with his death, according to USA Today.

In a Facebook post, the band said while the decision was difficult, they are continuing to play shows to honor their “fallen brother and start the process of healing.”

“Gordie wanted his music heard and wanted it to live on,” the post said. “The outpouring of love and tributes for Gordie and his music has been immeasurable to us. We are hurting, his family is hurting, our city is hurting, Gordie's fans across the world are hurting. He loved you all.”

Speaking to CTV News Toronto, Brian Lewis, Gord’s younger brother, said his family is “conflicted.”

“We saw Gord and Johnny love each other and be loyal to each other all their lives,” Brian said. He also said each was “dealing with their own demons.”

“My wife and I were involved in the situation between Jonathan and Gord up until last week. There have always been concerns with the health of both Gord and Jonathan. But things did exacerbate in recent weeks and months,” Brian told the news outlet.

Lewis co-founded Teenage Head in 1975 with his high school friends Frankie Venom and Dave Desroches. They rose to become one of Canada’s most popular punk rock bands.

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