Seven Dead Bodies, Including Two Missing Teen Girls, Found On Oklahoma Property

On May 1, 2023, seven bodies were found on the property of convicted sex offender Jesse McFadden. Police believe McFadden murdered six people, including two missing teenage girls, before killing himself.

May 04, 2023
16-year-old Brittany Brewer [left] and 14-year-old Ivy Webster [right] were reported missing before their bodies were found among others at a home in Henryetta, Oklahoma.

Missing teens 16-year-old Brittany Brewer and 14-year-old Ivy Webster were among the seven bodies found at an Oklahoma home of a convicted sex offender.

Photo by: Facebook [left]; Okmulgee County Sheriff's Office [right]

Facebook [left]; Okmulgee County Sheriff's Office [right]

Jesse Lee McFadden, a 39-year-old registered sex offender, is believed to have murdered six people before killing himself near the rural community of Henryetta, Oklahoma. Among the dead were two missing teen girls — 14-year-old Ivy Webster and 16-year-old Brittany Brewer — who were last seen with McFadden.

McFadden allegedly murdered his wife, 35-year-old Holly Guess, as well as her children, Rylee Elizabeth Allen, 17, Michael James Mayo, 15, and Tiffany Dore Guess, 13. Janette Mayo, Holly’s mother, said that Ivy and Brittany were close friends with Tiffany, and they were spending the weekend with the family when they were apparently murdered.

Mayo told The New York Times authorities told her that all the victims were taken into the yard and then shot. She said, “They were all shot. They were not in a group.” On May 3, 2023, Okmulgee Police Department Chief Joe Prentice confirmed that all six victims were shot in the head, and some of them had been shot several times. Police believe McFadden then fatally shot himself.

Prentice couldn’t reveal or speculate about a motive. He said it wasn’t clear if McFadden “planned this, and if he did, how long.” He added, “People that perpetrate crimes like this are evil, and normal folks like us can’t understand why they do that.”

McFadden is a registered sex offender who was convicted of rape in 2003 and was subsequently in prison until being released in October 2020. He had been scheduled on trial on Monday, May 1, for soliciting sexual conduct with a minor and possessing child pornography. The charges stem from crimes he allegedly committed in 2016 while he was incarcerated for rape. He is accused of using a contraband cell phone to victimize a teen girl online. They exchanged messages and graphic photos, and the 16-year-old girl’s grandfather reported the criminal communications to authorities.

Krystle Strong, the victim in the 2003 rape case, was only 16 when McFadden abused her. She was outraged that he was being released from prison in 2020. She says she contacted authorities and questioned how they could let McFadden out since his criminal actions while behind bars in 2016 showed that he hadn’t changed.

Strong also reflected on how his release led to the recent murders. She told Fox News, "Holly's ex told me…he thinks that Holly found out that [McFadden] might have been molesting one of the kids and just, he flipped. We don't know, but I think it might have had something maybe to do with that, something about his trial coming up, because what he screenshotted and what Jesse texted and said to [the 2016 victim] was, and I quote, ‘This is all going to be on you.’"

Janette Mayo told the Associated Press that she only recently discovered McFadden’s criminal history a few months ago. She said, “He lied to my daughter, and he convinced her it was all just a huge mistake. He was very standoffish, generally very quiet, but he kept my daughter and the kids basically under lock and key. He had to know where they were at all times, which sent red flags up.”

Justin Webster, Ivy’s father, said there needs to be harsher punishments for those who commit sex crimes, especially those who target children.

Webster told the Associated Press, “The sexual (offender) registry doesn’t work, I think there needs to be action taken. There needs to be repercussions, and someone needs to be held accountable. They let a monster out. They did this.”

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