New Hampshire Man Shot His Wife’s Coworker, Forced Her To Behead Victim

Armando Barron killed Jonathan Amerault, who he "instantly saw as a rival" in a love triangle, prosecutors said.

Armando Barron, 32, [inset] shot 25-year-old Jonathan Amerault [main] to death before forcing his wife, Britany, to behead him.

In May 2022, Armando Barron, 32, was convicted of the 2020 murder of 25-year-old Jonathan Amerault.

Photo by: Jonathan Amerault Obituary [main]; Associated Press [inset]

Jonathan Amerault Obituary [main]; Associated Press [inset]

By: Aaron Rasmussen

A New Hampshire man who forced his wife to behead her coworker after he fatally shot him is now serving a life sentence.

In September 2020, Armando Barron, 32, discovered Britany Barron, 33, was communicating with 25-year-old Jonathan Amerault via text and social media apps, NBC Boston reported.

“The defendant had all the motive to kill Jonathan, because for him, Jonathan was a man who had just started seeing his wife,” prosecutor Benjamin Agati said in Cheshire Superior Court in Keene during closing arguments, according to NBC Boston. “A man who his wife thought looked like an Abercrombie model, a man who was at her workplace that he now knew was talking to his wife behind his back. The man that he instantly saw as a rival.”

Britany had recently confessed to her husband she no longer loved him and asked for a divorce, she testified.

After assaulting her, Britany told the court Armando threatened that she was going to die and then used her cell phone to trick Amerault into coming to a park.

“Don't do anything stupid or the girls are going to walk into something … gruesome,” Britany testified her husband warned of their three children, who he had sent to their grandmother’s home nearby, according to CBS News.

At the park, Armando beat and kicked the victim and then shot him to death.

After the homicide, Britany testified during trial that her husband made her drive the victim’s car to a remote campsite hundreds of miles away and behead the body.

“He said that we needed to cut off his head so that there would be no dental records of the body,” Britany told the court, CBS News reported.

After her husband demanded she dispose of the body and he left the scene, Britany was detained by New Hampshire Fish and Game Department officers, who discovered Amerault’s vehicle underneath a tarp and his body in a swamp.

Armando’s lawyers maintained Britany lied about what happened to her coworker and claimed she was the one responsible for shooting him — allegations she has denied.

Britany, who claimed she suffered extreme abuse at her husband’s hand during their marriage, pleaded guilty to three counts of falsifying evidence in connection to the case, and she was released from jail in April 2022, according to NBC Boston.

In May 2022, Armando was convicted of Amerault's murder and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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