Mom Allegedly Drowned Her 10-Month-Old Twin Sons In A Motel Bathtub

Heather Langdon’s sister Teresa says she just saw Heather last weekend, and that her sister “seemed normal.”

December 10, 2018
Heather Langdon [Tulare County Sheriff’s Office]

Heather Langdon [Tulare County Sheriff’s Office]

Heather Langdon [Tulare County Sheriff’s Office]

By: Catherine Townsend

TULARE, CA — Police in California say a 37-year-old mother suspected of drowning her twin 10-month-old sons in a motel bathtub is facing murder charges.

According to The Washington Times, authorities were called to a women’s shelter in Tulare on Wednesday night where Heather Langdon was allegedly causing a disturbance. After determining that Langdon could not continue to stay at their facility, shelter staff reportedly arranged for Langdon and her children to spend the night at a nearby hotel for free.

Surveillance footage reportedly captured officers dropping Langdon and the twins off at the Virginia Motor Lodge. Police later found the dead bodies of the boys, Mason and Maddox Murguia, in Langdon’s room.

Langdon’s sister Teresa Langdon says she had just seen her sister Heather last weekend, and that her sister “seemed normal,” Fresno's KGPE-TV reported.

Teresa also shared that Langdon is a stay-at-home mother who adores her children, and that the alleged drowning "does not seem real."

"We will never put the pieces back together, but we ask that you keep us all in your prayers as we do the best we can," Teresa told KGPE-TV. "Because not only have I lost my two nephews, I have lost my sister as well.”

She described the babies as the “angels” of the family, and said: "If she did do this, it is unforgivable."

Teresa added that Heather and her ex-husband also have three older sons.

Tulare Police Sergeant Jon Hamlin said that they do not have much information about Langdon, according to The Washington Times.

Authorities say that Langdon, who is in custody, now faces murder charges for the drowning deaths of Mason and Maddox. Police have not released information on a potential motive.

The investigation continues.

Read more: The Washington Times,, KGPE-TV

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