Kelly Cochran Murdered Her Boyfriend for Love, Then Her Husband for Revenge

August 30, 2017
By: Catherine Townsend

Photo by: Kelly Cochran [Graves Co. Detention Center]

Kelly Cochran [Graves Co. Detention Center]

MERRILLVILLE, IN — In 2016, Kelly Cochran became the sole surviving member of a deadly love triangle after murdering her boyfriend — and later killing her husband.

Working with her husband Jason Cochran as her accomplice, Kelly killed, dismembered, and hid the remains of her coworker and lover Christopher Regan, 53, in 2014. Police said that Kelly admitted to luring Regan to her Iron River, Michigan, home with the lure of sex.

Once Regan came over, Jason, 37, burst in and shot Regan point-blank in the head with a .22-caliber rifle.

Kelly then grabbed an electric saw so that Jason could dismember Regan’s body, which was placed in garbage bags and thrown into the woods two days after the killing.

She later told police that the plan for the murder was hatched following an argument with Jason in October of 2014, when he asked her how she was going to “fix” things between them. Kelly considered killing her husband at that time, but ultimately went through with the plan to murder Regan instead.

According to prosecutors, by “working in concert” with her husband to commit the brutal murder, the couple became “bonded in blood.”

According to the probable-cause affidavit, the Cochrans had become suspects in Regan’s disappearance. Then, after Jason Cochran’s death, 16 months later in Hobart, Indiana, Kelly became the suspect.

She reportedly left Indiana without telling family members around nine weeks after her husband’s death — when Michigan authorities were reportedly preparing to charge her in connection with Regan’s death.

Kelly was arrested in Kentucky, and later confessed to police that she killed her husband by administering an overdose of heroin, and then putting her hands on his neck, nose, and mouth. According to records, she claimed that he died less than a minute later.

In a police interview, Kelly said she blamed her husband for “taking the only good thing I had in my life,” according to court records, and said, “I still hate him [Jason], and yes, it was revenge. I evened the score.”

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