John Wayne Gacy Fan Kills Mom, Buries Her in Barrel

September 07, 2017
By: Catherine Townsend

Photo by: Nathaniel Sebastian [ / YouTube (screenshot)]

Nathaniel Sebastian [ / YouTube (screenshot)]

WILMER, AL — After discovery the body of Susan Mayo, 60, in a 55-gallon-drum hidden beneath her porch, Mobile County police arrested her son Nathaniel Sebastian, 32, in connection to her death.

Investigators had been looking at Sebastian as a person of interest since Mayo disappeared on June 17.

Sebastian spent months denying any knowledge of his mother’s whereabouts until Wednesday. As officers executed a search warrant at the family property, he reportedly confessed. As Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Captain Paul Burch put it:

Once Nathaniel Sebastian realized we were about to look under the front porch he made a spontaneous statement that, ”Okay, my mama’s under the front porch. Y’all got me‘.”

After five hours of digging under the porch, found the 55-gallon drum that police say contained the body of “what appeared to be a female.” A crime scene unit then took drum to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences for investigation.

Officer Burch pointed out that Sebastian may have been imitating his idol, notorious murder monster John Wayne Gacy. He stated:

“One thing is that [Sebastian] claims to be a big fan of John Gacy, who was a serial killer and he, in fact, kept bodies of his victims underneath his house. And whether that’s coincidental or not that certainly gave some thought to leading us there.”

In addition, back in August, Burch said that the case involved some “strange family dynamics.”

Nathaniel Sebastian [Mobile County Sheriff’s Office] / John Wayne Gacy [Des Plaines Police Department]

Photo by: Nathaniel Sebastian [Mobile County Sheriff’s Office] / John Wayne Gacy [Des Plaines Police Department]

Nathaniel Sebastian [Mobile County Sheriff’s Office] / John Wayne Gacy [Des Plaines Police Department]

As if to demonstrate that very point, when asked about Mayo’s murder, Sebastian told the press “I love my mother.”

Police booked Sebastian and charged him with murder, abuse of a corpse, and “promoting prison contraband,” because deputies claim the suspect had concealed a handmade prison key in his mouth.

Officers also arrested 81-year-old Doris Clark, 81 — Mayo’s mother and Sebastian’s grandmother — and charged with obstruction of justice. She has been released on house arrest with an ankle monitor.

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