Jail Guard On Trial For Raping Inmates ID’d By His “Massive Hook-Shaped Penis”

Hook [Pixabay]; Prison guard [iStockPhoto]

Hook [Pixabay]; Prison guard [iStockPhoto]

Hook [Pixabay]; Prison guard [iStockPhoto]

By: Mike McPadden

BROOKLYN, NY — Trial is underway for Lieutenant Eugenio Perez, a former guard at the Metropolitan Detention Center. Perez stands accused of forcing oral sex on five female inmates, and it was revealed yesterday that federal prosecutors identified him by examining the size and shape of his penis.

According to prosecutors, all five alleged victims described Perez as having a “massive, hook-shaped penis.”

After arresting Perez, federal investigators reportedly required him to drop his pants and get an erection. What they saw apparently matched the accusers’ claims. As the New York Post wrote, “The schlong arm of the law caught up to Perez when the feds made him drop trou to make a positive ID.”

During testimony, one 38-year-old ex-inmate painted a vivid picture, stating:

“He wasn’t circumcised. It was big, and it was like a hook … It was humongous and it curved … It smelled p-ssy. If it didn’t stink, I would have been all over that s–t.”

The victim said that she at first welcomed Perez’s hugs and kisses because she was so lonely in jail, but she resisted once he attempted to force her to perform oral sex on him.

After a defense attorney grilled the witness regarding her plea deal, she left the stand and said to Perez: “Your lawyer is a d-ck!”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Nadia Shihata told jurors that Perez targeted five inmates after tricking them into entering an unmonitored office. She said:

“This is a case about power, opportunity, and abuse … Eugenio Perez used his position and power as a law-enforcement officer, a lieutenant at the Federal Bureau of Prisons, to sexually abuse five different women, female inmates entrusted to his care and custody … He arranged for them to clean on the second floor of the prison, exposed his penis through the zipper of his pants, masturbated, and demanded oral sex.”

Shihata also added that all the accusers independently said Perez ejaculated into a paper towel and folded it up before disposing of it.

Perez was just one of three guards arrested in May 2017 for sexual abuse at the Metropolitan Detention Center. Last January, Lieutenant Carlos Richard Martinez, another former Metropolitan Detention Center guard, was found guilty for the repeated rape of a female inmate. He presently awaits sentencing.

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