Indiana Man In Jail For Allegedly Hitting Wife Over Head, Dumping Body Off Bridge

On March 24, 2022, Andrew Wilhoite allegedly hit his wife, Nikki, over the head with a flower pot before dumping her body in a creek.

May 09, 2022
Andrew Wilhoite [inset] allegedly killed his wife, Nikki Wilhoite [main] in March 2022. His trial will begin in August.

Andrew Wilhoite, 40, is in jail after allegedly hitting his wife, Nikki, over the head with a flower pot before dumping her body in a creek.

Photo by: Boone County Sheriff's Office

Boone County Sheriff's Office

On March 25, 2022, Elizabeth “Nikki” Nicole Wilhoite, 42, was reported missing after she didn’t show up for work, according to the Indianapolis Star.

When police questioned her husband, 40-year-old Andrew Wilhoite, he said that his wife had slept on the couch after the two had an argument, and he hadn’t seen her since then. MSN reported that Andrew later admitted to killing her, but he claimed it happened while she was attacking him.

Authorities suspect Andrew hit Nikki over the head with a gallon-sized concrete flower pot. After that knocked her out, he allegedly drove her to a local creek where he dropped her body off a bridge. The Guardian reported that police found her body partially submerged in the creek on March 26.

Nikki had been diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall of 2021, and she celebrated her last round of chemotherapy shortly before she was killed. Her celebration was short-lived when she learned that her husband had been having an affair, and she moved to end the marriage.

According to The Guardian, Nikki had filed a petition for legal separation on March 17, and Andrew allegedly killed her on March 24.

On May 3, Andrew Wilhoite advanced in a primary election for a position on the Clinton township board, TIME reported. He was incarcerated in the Boone County Jail at the time of the election.

According to TIME, Andrew Wilhoite’s jury trial is scheduled for Aug. 29, 2022. If he is convicted of a felony before the general election on Nov. 18, 2022, he will be removed from the ballot.

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