Good Samaritan Stopped To Help A Woman & Her Baby & Is Fatally Stabbed

When Jacquelyn Smith rolled down the passenger seat window to give the woman money, police say a man approached the car.

December 03, 2018
Jacquelyn Smith [WBFF (screenshot) via Metro Crime Stoppers of Maryland]

Jacquelyn Smith [WBFF (screenshot) via Metro Crime Stoppers of Maryland]

Jacquelyn Smith [WBFF (screenshot) via Metro Crime Stoppers of Maryland]

By: Catherine Townsend

BALTIMORE, MD — Police in Maryland are hunting for a pair of suspects who fatally stabbed a woman in east Baltimore after police say she rolled down her car window to help what she believed to be a woman in need.

According to Baltimore's WBFF-TV, 52-year-old Jacquelyn Smith and two relatives were driving around Valley Street at about 12:30 a.m. Sunday, and saw a woman holding what appeared to be a baby and a sign that read, "Please help me feed my baby."

“This was a Good Samaritan who saw an individual holding a sign, who appeared to be down on her luck,” Baltimore Police Department spokesperson Jeremy Silbert said, according to WBFF-TV.

But when Smith rolled down the passenger-seat window to give the woman money, police say a man approached the car. At first, the man appeared to be trying to thank the family – but he then allegedly tried to grab Smith's wallet.

During the struggle, police say the suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the torso.

The male and female suspects both ran away, and Smith’s family raced her to the hospital. She died a short time later.

Police are searching for the suspects, and have appealed to the public for help. They described the male suspect as a Black male in his thirties. He is approximately six feet tall and had a goatee at the time of the attack.

The woman was described as a Black female in her twenties, approximately five-foot-four. She was wearing a brown jacket.

Police have asked anyone with any information about either suspect to call detectives at (410) 396-2100.

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