Father, Stepmother Arrested After Boy Dies From “Horrific” Torture, Prosecutor Says

Emrik Osuna “always liked to get hugged and kissed and he liked to watch his cartoons,” his grieving aunt says.

September 10, 2020

Monique Osuna and Erik Osuna [Ada County Sheriff's Office]

Monique Osuna and Erik Osuna [Ada County Sheriff's Office]

By: Aaron Rasmussen

A 9-year-old Idaho boy died because his stepmother subjected him to “horrific” torture and his father “admitted he did nothing to save his son” from the abuse, according to a prosecutor.

Police charged Monique Osuna, 27, with first-degree murder after Emrik Osuna was found not breathing and covered in bruises and vomit in the family’s apartment in Meridian on Sept. 1, Boise’s KTVB reported.

Emrik Osuna [KTVB]

Emrik Osuna [KTVB]

“Due to COVID, she's been working from home and since [Emrik] was not in school, she essentially had access to him all day long," prosecutor Tamara Kelly said.

According to Kelly, the stepmother admitted she abused the child by beating him with a wooden spoon, backscratcher, frying pan and belt, which she allegedly swapped out for a dog leash because it was “heavier.”

Monique Osuna also forced him to do grueling exercises, including jumping jacks and wall sits, for extended periods of time, the prosecutor claimed.

"In combination with this physical abuse, this defendant admitted to what is essentially torture of [Emrik] by locking him in a small closet at night to sleep, withholding food, making him do physical strenuous punishments while she was working," Kelly said, noting the little boy survived on only rice and water in the weeks before his death.

Emrik’s father, Erik Osuna, 29, allegedly was aware of the abuse but failed to intervene.

Around 5 p.m. the day his child died, Erik Osuna allegedly texted his wife and told her Emrik needed hospitalization, but it wasn’t until over four hours later, at about 9:40 p.m., that he finally phoned 911.

After making the call, the father allegedly removed cameras installed in the family’s home and had someone take them to hide, the prosecution said.

Erik Osuna is charged on suspicion of felony injury to child involving great bodily harm and misdemeanor concealment of evidence, according to KTVB.

Erik and Monique Osuna’s three other children, whose ages range from 4 months to 9 years old, were placed in the care of Idaho Health and Welfare.

The couple’s bail was set at $2 million each and both are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Sept. 17.

Emrik Osuna’s aunt on his birth mother’s side told KTVB the boy was “always loving.”

“He was one of those kids that always liked to get hugged and kissed and he liked to watch his cartoons,” Irene Zepeda said. “I can’t see anybody doing that to Emrik."

“I don't see the reason why you cannot see his sweet face and melt and dare to put your hands on him,” she added.

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