Dispute Over Bare Hands Digging Through Thanksgiving Leftovers Ends In Fatal Stabbing, Prosecutors Claim

The alleged attacker was later apprehended with a knife covered in blood.

December 01, 2020

James Dixon [Chicago Police Department]

James Dixon [Chicago Police Department]

By: Julien McNab

The Chicago Tribune reports that early last Friday morning the boyfriend of the host of a Thanksgiving party in Chicago died after being stabbed repeatedly by a guest.

According to statements made by prosecutors during his bail hearing, James Dixon, 29, allegedly attacked 52-year-old Vincell Jackson after Jackson attempted to forcefully remove Dixon from the home in which the Thanksgiving party was being hosted. The attempted ejection occurred because, according to statements made during the hearing, Dixon started digging through Thanksgiving leftovers with his bare hands. The heated argument led the pair to the front door, where, according to Assistant State's Attorney Susie Bucaro, Dixon sucker-punched Jackson. Although witnesses saw the fight in the home, no one claims to have seen the actual stabbing. Prosecutors claimed that Jackson was last seen alive on top of Dixon asking for someone to call 911.

An autopsy later determined that Jackson died of nine stab wounds, including to his head, face and left arm, and that the cause of death was homicide.

Dixon was apprehended eight hours later, and among the multiple knives he possessed one was reportedly covered in blood.

Despite a history of numerous felonies, including aggravated assault, the judge in the online hearing claimed that prosecutors had not met the burden of proof to keep Dixon in custody without bail ahead of his trial.

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