Brandon Clark Sentenced; Family Remembers Bianca Devins As Their 'Princess'

The man responsible for the shocking internet murder of influencer Bianca Devins was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

March 25, 2021

Photo of Bianca Devins [via Discovery Inc]

Photo of Bianca Devins [via Discovery Inc]

By: Aaron Rasmussen

A judge recently handed down a sentence of 25 years to life behind bars to the New York man who killed internet personality Bianca Devins in 2019 and then posted photos of her body on social media.

During emotional victim impact statements, Devins’ family addressed the court and confronted confessed killer Brandon Clark on March 16.

"Many random people set their profile pictures as my sister's death photo and went on my page knowing I would, without a doubt, see it,” said the victim’s younger sibling, Olivia, according to CNN. “The picture, to this day, continues to be sent to me, but I now have all of my social media accounts deleted.”

Devins’s mother, Kim, said she and her family were seeking closure from the crime that took their “beautiful angel,” the news network reported.

In the spring of 2019, Clark was 21 when he first met 17-year-old Devins, a popular figure in the online gaming community.

On July 13 of that year, the pair were driving back home together to Utica after attending a Nicole Dollanganger concert in New York City. Police said Clark was upset because he had witnessed Devins kiss another boy at the concert and he confronted her in the car.

After she made it clear they were not together, Clark hit Devins and then attacked her with a knife when she got out of the vehicle, authorities said.

“I was told [that] he really caught her off guard,” Devins’s mother told Rolling Stone. “She had no clue what was coming. She had no time to fight or defend herself, with no warning.”

Clark slit the teenager’s throat and then posted grisly photos he took of her dead body on the social app Discord with the caption “I’m sorry Bianca,” according to the New York Post.

In February 2020, Clark accepted a plea deal and admitted to killing Devins. He later unsuccessfully tried to recant his confession.

After Devins’s murder, family said in a statement obtained by CNN that she was “a talented artist, a loving sister, daughter, and cousin, and a wonderful young girl” whose “smile brightened our lives.”

“She will always be remembered as our princess,” they added.

Bianca’s story was covered in New York Post Reports: Off the Record on discovery+.

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