A Michigan Woman Feels Lucky To Be Alive After Her Ex-Husband Was Charged With Murder

After finding out what George Yzaguirre was capable of, Jennifer Meyers believes she could have been his next victim.

Jennifer Meyers [left] and George Yzaguirre [right] on their wedding day in 2011.

Jennifer Meyers feels lucky to be alive after finding out her ex-husband George Yzaguirre is a murderer.

Photo by: Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. (Screenshot from ID's "Evil Lives Here")

Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. (Screenshot from ID's "Evil Lives Here")

Love was blind for Jennifer Meyers when she met George Yzaguirre, her upstairs neighbor.

George, the neighborhood marijuana dealer, lived on the top floor of a duplex. Jennifer lived downstairs with her boyfriend but their relationship ended when her boyfriend went to jail. Shortly after, George started coming around more.

He helped her pack her ex’s things, and he treated her with a kindness she wasn’t accustomed to. Finally, Jennifer felt seen.

“It was an instant attraction,” she recalled.

After just one month together, George insisted that Jennifer move in with him upstairs. He encouraged her to quit her job at Burger King and find a job doing something she loved. He would pay the rent, he promised.

There was a nagging doubt in Jennifer’s gut. She was concerned that George might be trying to make her financially dependent on him, but the chance to save money on rent and leave her fast-food job was too much to pass up.

There were red flags almost immediately upon moving in with George.

Not-So-Subtle Signals

Cohabitating with George revealed a very controlling nature. While he initially let her bring her cats with her, he began complaining about their presence. One day, she came home and found him using a taser on one of the cats. He gave her an ultimatum — him or the cats. Reluctantly, Jennifer abandoned the cats outside.

George had a temper and often seemed to seethe with barely restrained fury. On one particular day, Jennifer found George home from work early and twirling a knife in his hand as he watched television. He confessed to her that he’d grown angry at his coworkers at the factory where he worked and had destroyed some property before leaving for the day.

George began drinking more, and his attitude toward Jennifer grew worse. She would often hear him muttering about her under his breath and lamenting how she wouldn’t ever shut up and that he should just strangle her and get it over with.

Despite George’s threats to kill her if she ever left, Jennifer eventually got the courage to leave and went to stay with her sister. Slowly, she began separating her life from George.

The month after she moved out, George abruptly disappeared. After not hearing from George for more than a week, Jennifer called the police to report him missing. She met authorities at the duplex she had shared with George. At first, they wouldn’t let her in. Instead, they just had one question: Had she ever known George to be a violent man?

See what the police found inside the apartment on Evil Lives Here “He Should Have Died Sooner” at 9/8c on July 3. Episodes are also available to stream on discovery+.

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