Utah Family Loses 3-Year-Old In Spooky Corn Maze, Realizes He’s Gone Next Day

October 13, 2017
By: Mike McPadden
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Photo by: Crazy Corn Maze / KUTV news video [screenshot]

Crazy Corn Maze / KUTV news video [screenshot]

WEST JORDAN, UTAH — Last Monday afternoon, a three-year-old boy ran through the Crazy Corn Maze attraction with his mom, 10 of his 14 siblings, and multiple young cousins.

The toddler didn’t make it back home with rest of them — and nobody noticed until Tuesday morning.

A corn maze employee discovered the upset boy at around 7:30 P.M. and turned him over to the Division of Child and Family Services. His parents, who have not been identified by their last name, rushed back to the attraction the following day.

Police questioned the mom and dad. Authorities thus far have come away satisfied that their real-life Home Alone at the Corn Maze incident was an honest mistake.

Robert, the boy’s dad, told the press it’s entirely an issue of numbers. The family is polygamous, but that had nothing to do with the boy getting lost. It’s just that keeping track of 14 kids poses all manner of unique challenges.

The boy’s mother said she strapped him into his car seat after the excursion through the maze. Some of the older siblings, though, asked to run back to the attraction to get a free donut. The mom figures that that was when the tot “must have jumped out.”

While the police may have more questions, everyone is back home now. Robert is grateful to all involved, stating:

“I’m mostly relieved. It’s nice that there were people there that were able to help. The first outcome that we want is for him to be OK and safe. It was an oversight that we learned a lot from.”

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