Texas Amber Alert Warns Killer Doll “Chucky” Is Suspect In Kidnapping

State officials apologize for the “test malfunction” emails that detailed the Child’s Play character’s abduction of his onscreen son, Glen.

February 04, 2021



By: Aaron Rasmussen
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Subscribers to the Texas Alerts System were in for a shock when three separate Amber Alert emails were sent out that identified the creepy killer doll Chucky from the horror film series Child’s Play as a suspect in the abduction of a child named Glen.

The alerts, which went out on January 29, showed a photo of a grinning Chucky and described him as a 28-year-old male with red or auburn hair and blue eyes. The “suspect” purportedly stood 3 feet 1 inch tall, weighed 16 pounds, and his race was listed as “Other: Doll.”

Additional information provided noted Chucky was wearing “blue denim overalls” with a “multi-colored striped long sleeve shirt” and he was “wielding a huge kitchen knife.”

Fans of the Chucky films may recognize the abducted child in the erroneous Amber Alert: a 5-year-old boy named Glen who had red or auburn hair and blue eyes, just like his onscreen dad in the 2004 flick Seed of Chucky.

The Texas Department of Public Safety explained in a statement to San Antonio’s KENS5 that the alert was “a result of a test malfunction.”

“We apologize for the confusion this may have caused and are diligently working to ensure this does not happen again,” DPS officials said.