Cop Pulls Teen Over & Instead Of A Ticket, Gives Him A Ride To A Job Interview

Officer Roger Gemoules stopped Ka'Shawn Baldwin, but instead of writing him a ticket, he personally made sure the teen made it to the interview on time.

April 26, 2019
Ka’Shawn Baldwin, Roger Gemoules [CBS Chicago/screenshot]

Photo by: Ka’Shawn Baldwin, Roger Gemoules [CBS Chicago/screenshot]

Ka’Shawn Baldwin, Roger Gemoules [CBS Chicago/screenshot]

By: Mike McPadden

CAHOKIA, IL — After an Illinois police officer noticed a car with an expired license plate last Wednesday, he pulled over the teenage driver and got ready to write a ticket. Once the teen explained that he going to a job interview, however, the officer instead decided to help make sure he made it there on time.

Officer Roger Gemoules of the Cahokia Police Department told a reporter, “I was out patrolling the area and I see him driving a vehicle that had a busted-out side window, and then I looked at the license plate and saw that it was expired.”

Seeing the flashing lights and hearing the siren behind him, driver Ka’Shawn Baldwin instantly dreaded what would likely happen next. He said, “Car’s going to be towed, I’m going to jail for not having a license. More tickets, more fines, that’s all I was thinking about.”

When Officer Gemoules approached the vehicle, Baldwin opened up and told him the truth: He knew he shouldn’t be driving, but he had a job interview at FedEx and the car was his only way to get there.

Gemoules said he just knew what to do next, stating, “Something came upon me. Whatever it was, God said, 'Give him a little break,' so that’s what I did.”

Instead of writing Baldwin a ticket, Gemoules followed the teen home so he could park the illegal vehicle. Gemoules then drove Baldwin in his patrol car to the FedEx interview. Once there, Baldwin got the gig. He starts next Tuesday.

Baldwin, who is from East St. Louis, said his encounter with Gemoules was unlike what he’s typically seen involving law enforcement in his community. He told the press, “I never looked at police in a negative manner or in a positive manner. I never looked at them in any manner. But this just made me give them more respect than I did before.”

As the school resource officer for the Cahokia School District, Germoules works with teenagers every day. He said he became a cop to help people, and Baldwin’s situation provided him with just such an opportunity.

Looking back, Gemoules said, “It’s good to see him get a job, that’s what makes me the happiest.”

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