Drake's Lawyer Says 'No Basis' For Restraining Order Request Filed By His Alleged Stalker

Mesha Collins has been accused of stalking the "Hotline Bling" artist since 2017 and recently had a $4 billion lawsuit against the rapper thrown out of court.

March 15, 2022
Drake is wearing a thick gold chain, a brown t-shirt, and a leather jacket with fur lining.

Drake speaks onstage during Drake's Till Death Do Us Part rap battle on October 30, 2021 in Long Beach, California.

Photo by: Amy Sussman via Getty Images

Amy Sussman via Getty Images

Drake’s alleged stalker is hitting back with a restraining order of her own but the “More Life” rapper is saying she better “Take Care.”

The “Hotline Bling” artist, whose real name is Aubrey Graham, 35, is the subject of an application from Mesha Collins, who filed for protection against the rapper. This comes days after a court threw out her $4 billion lawsuit accusing the star of invasion of privacy, according to Rolling Out.

The judge denied a request for a temporary restraining order but set a date for a hearing for Collins, who was arrested in 2017 after police found her locked inside a room in the “Certified Lover Boy’s” Los Angeles home, according to the Toronto Sun.

Drake’s lawyer, Larry Stein, said there is “no basis” for an order against the rapper and noted Drake filing his own restraining order petition against Collins.

In documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, Stein writes: “There is simply no basis for an order against Graham, who stated under oath in the civil case that he does not know Collins, has never met her, has never communicated with her, was unaware of where she lives, and never mentioned her at all in any of his music, Instagram posts, or in connection with any products or services he has endorsed.”

He concluded, “any alleged harassment is a figment of Collins’s imagination and she has already been encouraged by Judge Keeny to seek mental help.”

RadarOnline said Stein attached an email from Collins in which she wished death upon Drake. She wrote the rapper needs “to stop harassing me” and put a “bullet through his own” skull.

Stein says Collins has been harassing Drake for nearly 5 years, as reported by TMZ, and his team formally filed a temporary restraining order on March 3 against her.

"I have suffered and continue to suffer emotional distress and am concerned for my safety and that of my family," said the distraught rapper.