Man Who Supplied Fentanyl-laced Drugs To Rapper Mac Miller Gets 11 Years In Prison

38-year-old Ryan Reavis pleaded guilty to a federal charge in September 2018.

April 22, 2022
Rapper Mac Miller performs at La Cigale on September 8, 2011 in Paris, France. He's wearing a backwards baseball cap and white t-shirt [main image]. Also shown is Ryan Reavis who is charged with supplying Miller with fentanyl-laced drugs [inset].

Mac Miller performs at La Cigale on September 8, 2011 in Paris, France. [main]; This photo provided by the Havasu City Police Department shows Ryan Reavis in September 2019.

Photo by: David Wolff - Patrick via Getty [main]; Havasu City Police Department via AP [inset]

David Wolff - Patrick via Getty [main]; Havasu City Police Department via AP [inset]

In 2018, rapper Mac Miller died from a drug overdose. Now, one of the men who supplied him with drugs will spend over a decade behind bars.

Former West Los Angeles resident, Ryan Michael Reavis, 38, was sentenced to 131 months in federal prison, according to KTLA. Last year, he pleaded guilty to one count of supplying counterfeit fentanyl-laced pills to the drug dealer who sold them to Mac Miller.

Mac Miller, whose name was Malcolm James McCormick, died after snorting the drug. According to the BBC, his death was an accidental overdose from a combination of fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol.

According to CBS, it was ruled McCormick would not have died if he did not consume fentanyl.

Reavis is one of three men who have been arrested in connection with supplying counterfeit oxycodone pills to the late rapper.

Stephen Andrew Walter, 48, a co-defendant, also pleaded guilty to a single count of distributing fentanyl, ABC News reported. Walter instructed Reavis to give the pills to Cameron James Pettit, 30, who gave them to McCormick.

Pettit’s case is still pending. He could face up to life in prison, according to The Guardian.

Walter will be sentenced in May, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles .U.S. Attorney’s Office told ABC. He has agreed to serve 17 years in prison.

McCormick, who died at age 26, had been vocal about his drug and alcohol addiction, as well as his struggles with depression in his music.

In a statement to the Los Angeles Times, an attorney for Reavis said the defendant was also fighting an addiction that cost McCormick and many others their lives. “Mac Miller was loved and admired by so many,” said Cori Ferrentino. “He fought many of the same demons related to addiction that Mr. Reavis has fought his whole life. It is not lost on Mr. Reavis for one minute that he will be able to return to his family and Mac Miller will not.”

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