Merry Mug Shots: 5 'High-Spirited' Suspects Snapped In Seasonal Attire

When these holiday revelers got dressed, I'm sure they didn't expect to be posing for police portraits. Happy holidays!

December 21, 2017
By: Mike McPadden

Photo by: East Greenwich Police Department/Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office/Miami Township Police Department

East Greenwich Police Department/Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office/Miami Township Police Department

‘Tis the season for eggnog over-indulgers to get busted while bedecked in their Christmas best — and worst. Check out this pile of police processing pictures that mix jingle bells and jailhouse bars.


IOWA CITY, IA — On December 22, 2016, Derek Edwards, 26, attempting to pilot his Chevy Malibu into a driveway but crashed into a parked vehicle. Responding officers found Edwards slurring his words smelling of booze prior to administering a Breathalyzer test. Allegedly, Edwards blew nearly three times the legal limit. Although Edwards reportedly could not identify the time or date when he was brought to the station, the Christmas tree sweater in his mug shot should serve as a permanent reminder. [CrimeFeed]

Derek Edwards [Johnson County Jail]

Derek Edwards [Johnson County Jail]


LAFAYETTE PARISH, LA — Officers carted in Brandon Touchet, 34, at around 3 A.M. on December 15, 2013. He’d been speeding and driving erratically while wearing full Buddy the Elf regalia, in homage to Will Ferrell’s character in the beloved 2003 holiday film Elf. Touchet’s Breathalyzer test measured his blood alcohol level at .124, considerably above the legal limit of .08. Touchet was released on $1,500 bond, which he should have taken as clear direction not to return to the North Pole before his court date. [New York Daily News]

Brandon Touchet [Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office]

Brandon Touchet [Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office]


ALAMANCE COUNTY, NC — At around 4 A.M. on December 20, 2015, North Carolina State Highway Patrol pulled over Tyler Caudill, 24. Caudill, who got popped several months earlier for injury to personal property, sported a holiday sweater that featured two playful felines poking their heads, paws, and tails up out of Christmas stockings. He paid a bond and got cut loose, presumably with his own tail somewhere between his legs. [The Smoking Gun]

Tyler Caudill [North Carolina State Highway Patrol]

Tyler Caudill [North Carolina State Highway Patrol]


EAST GREENWICH, RI — Christmas apparently hit Rhode Island at an odd time back in 2005, as Anup Mohanty, 18, got popped for underage alcohol consumption while dressed in a Yuletide get-up on June 5. Neighbors near local high school called the cops about unruly teenagers in the area. Officer Kerrie Mazur showed up, immediately noticed Mohanty “as a result of the red Santa suit he was wearing.” Other responders located the teens’ stash of beer and champagne and brought them to the precinct. Mohanty kept on his Kringle gear for the mug shot. It should be noted that the teens had just graduated. [CET US News]

Anup Mohanty [East Greenwich Police Department]

Anup Mohanty [East Greenwich Police Department]


DAYTON, OH — A December 22, 2010, call from the Dayton Mall summoned Miami Township Police out to deal with an “unruly group” of revelers participating in an event called “Santanarchy Dayton.” Complaints reportedly arose from a couple of female Santanarchists belting out off-color songs. Officers arrested Jacqueline S. Sallee, 41, for criminal trespassing, resisting arrest, assault, and disorderly conduct, which includes public intoxication. They also made sure to capture the moment with a Mrs. Claus mug shot. [UPI]

Jacqueline S. Sallee [Miami Township Police Department]

Jacqueline S. Sallee [Miami Township Police Department]

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