Florida Police Search For Sword-Wielding Suspect Who Allegedly Attacked Jogger

The two men were arguing over an item found in the trash, authorities said.

August 21, 2019
South Florida jogger attack [WSVN/screenshot]

Photo by: Alleged South Florida jogger attack [WSVN/screenshot]

Alleged South Florida jogger attack [WSVN/screenshot]

By: Catherine Townsend

Police in South Florida are looking for a sword-wielding suspect who allegedly attacked a jogger over a wheelbarrow picked up from a pile of trash.

Todd Beavers was running in Oakland Park on July 15 when he came across a pile of trash on the side of the street, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

MSN reported that when the jogger attempted to take away a black cart he had found, he apparently angered the suspect, who believed he had a claim to the item.

Sheriff's office spokesperson Keyla Concepcion said, “He apparently felt that he was there first, so he should have first dibs at anything that was in the pile. Evidently, the jogger felt differently.”

According to police, the two men began arguing, and Beavers ran away with the wheelbarrow. But authorities say that the suspect pursued him carrying a sword in a red sheath. “He started to jog home with it," Concepcion said. "What he didn’t realize was that the man followed him home.”

Home surveillance footage appears to show the man taking the sword out of the sheath and swinging it at Beavers. The man began fighting over the cart as Beavers tried to avoid the sword, police said. After Beavers pointed out that a security camera was recording them, the man walked away. But he told Beavers that’d he’d be back, police said.

Luckily, Beavers was unhurt. He told Miami's WSVN-TV he was “shocked” the man had tried to kill him over a cart.

Police said they are searching for the man and a woman who, according to detectives, dragged the cart away while hurling insults at Beavers.

The investigation continues.

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