Son Uses Lawn Mower To Run Over Dad Who Attacked Him With Chain Saw

The warring duo took their escalating feud to a whole new disturbing level.

October 15, 2018

Douglas Ferguson [Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office]

Douglas Ferguson [Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office]

By: Aaron Rasmussen

BRISTOL, TN — An enraged elderly man ended up losing his leg after he grabbed a chain saw and went after his son, who responded by running over him with a lawn mower.

According to the Bristol Herald Courier, Douglas Ferguson, 76, and his son, who has not been named, took their ongoing feud to a disturbing new level for unknown reasons on June 28.

When the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office responded to calls of a man hurt at a home on Highway 421, they found Ferguson bleeding from his head and with a mangled leg.

According to investigators, a fight between the pair escalated after Ferguson fired up the chain saw. In response, his kid used the zero-turn mower — which makes quick pivots using its rear wheels — to thwart the charging senior.

“The son defended himself against the attack by running over the suspect with the lawn mower,” the SCSO noted in a statement. “The injuries that the suspect sustained were as a result of the lawn mower striking and running over him.”

Detective Matt Harrison was only able to arrest the elder Ferguson on October 9 due to the time it took for him to recover in the hospital from the amputation and other injuries.

Ferguson, who Harrison also served with a warrant for violation of probation on a previous aggravated assault case, is currently in jail on charges of second-degree murder. His bond for the newest incident was set at $25,000.

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