Passenger Arrested For Choking Driver Who Won't Stop Singing Christmas Songs In March

Police reportedly had to use force to subdued the carol-hating suspect.

March 12, 2019
Clayton Lucas [Allegheny County Sheriff's Office]

Photo by: Clayton Lucas [Allegheny County Sheriff's Office]

Clayton Lucas [Allegheny County Sheriff's Office]

By: Mike McPadden

EAST DEER TOWNSHIP, PA — A Pennsylvania man was arrested for allegedly choking a van driver who refused to stop singing Christmas songs in March, according to a criminal complaint.

Police say that Clayton Thomas, 25, was being driven from a halfway house to a treatment class on Monday morning when the incident occurred. The driver of the vehicle was reportedly singing Christmas songs, and Thomas allegedly became so enraged that he “reached around [the driver’s] seat and began choking him.”

Authorities say the incident came to light after a state trooper was flagged down and directed to a possible roadside medical emergency.

When the trooper arrived at the scene, he said he saw a Chrysler Town and Country minivan parked on the shoulder, with two men standing outside. One of the men was the driver, who the trooper described as having red marks on his neck and bloodshot eyes. The other has been identified as Clayton Thomas.

The trooper said that Thomas would not comply with any of his commands and he therefore had to sweep the suspect’s legs out from under him to bring him into custody.

No major injuries were reported. Thomas is being held at the Allegheny County Jail, facing multiple charges.

Authorities have not revealed exactly which Christmas song the driver was singing that may have allegedly motivated Thomas to take such violent action.

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