"I Called Him 'Mr. Happy'": Cafe Owner Says Joseph DeAngelo Was A Regular Customer

May 07, 2018
By: Catherine Townsend

Charlie’s Cafe exterior (left); Joseph James DeAngelo (right)

Photo by: KTLA (screenshot); Sacramento Sheriff’s Office

KTLA (screenshot); Sacramento Sheriff’s Office

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA — The owner of the Citrus Heights cafe where suspected Golden State Killer Joseph DeAngelo was a regular has described the alleged serial killer as a grouchy loner, KTLX reported.

Charline Carte, owner of Charlie's Cafe on Auburn Boulevard, told the TV station that DeAngelo was a regular visitor. Carte pointed out the booth where DeAngelo sat just one week before his arrest.

She said DeAngelo often ordered a tuna salad — and sometimes got angry when he wasn't happy with his food.

"I named him Mister Happy almost two years ago, and that's because he was such a grouch," she said.

Once, she said that when DeAngelo's tuna salad came out with cheese, he "threw the cheese on the table" and asked Carte if she was trying to kill him.

But she said that nothing in DeAngelo's demeanor made her suspect that he could be a killer. "He doesn't have the eyes of a killer, like maybe Charles Manson, nothing like that," she told KTXL. "Just your average joe."

About a week before his arrest, Carte said that DeAngelo touched her inappropriately; he tried to pinch her. She had to warn him to keep his hands to himself, telling him, "Hey, hey, don't touch my comfort zone."

DeAngelo, who has been accused of more than 50 rapes and a dozen homicides, was arrested at his Citrus Heights home last month.

Ironically, Carte said that her cafe is also popular with the law-enforcement community. "We get undercover, uniformed, all day everyday, and I'm sure there's times he's sat like right across from them," she said. "He was not hiding."

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