In Sydney Loofe Case, Witnesses Claim Aubrey Trail Was 'Daddy Vampire' To 'Witch' Cult

Bailey Boswell, who is also accused of murdering Sydney Loofe, was allegedly “Queen Witch.”

July 09, 2019
Mug shots of Aubrey Trail & Bailey Boswell [Taney County Sheriff's Office]

Photo by: Mug shots of Aubrey Trail & Bailey Boswell [Taney County Sheriff's Office]

Mug shots of Aubrey Trail & Bailey Boswell [Taney County Sheriff's Office]

By: Mike McPadden

WILBER, NE — The trial of Aubrey Trail for the November 2017 murder and dismemberment of Sydney Loofe initially made headlines for reportedly involving the dating app Tinder and the alleged participation of Bailey Boswell, his much younger girlfriend, as an alleged accomplice.

Together, Trail, 52, and Boswell, 25, stand accused of planning the kidnapping and murder of 24-year-old Sydney Loofe. It reportedly occurred after Loofe hooked up with Boswell on Tinder and met her in person on November 15. Following their encounter, Loofe reportedly disappeared.

Nineteen days later, police say they discovered Loofe’s body in rural Clay County, cut up and wrapped in trash bags.

Investigators later claimed that Trail told them he strangled Loofe with an electrical cord, and they believe Boswell assisted in the killing, along with the dismemberment and disposal of the body.

Trail’s defense team is arguing that Loofe died as the result of consensual “rough sex” that went wrong.

Both Trail and Boswell have been charged with the first-degree murder of Loofe. Boswell is reportedly scheduled to go on trial in October.

As Trail went to trial, strange details emerged, leading up to a shocking courtroom incident on June 24 — when Trail, who was sitting in a wheelchair, reportedly produced a small blade and declared, “Bailey is innocent and I curse you all!” and then slit his own throat.

After being treated for neck wounds, Trail was reportedly wheeled back in to court on July 9, where he allegedly smirked and told the judge, “I’m going to be good.”

Between the throat slashing and Trail’s return, the trial continued in his absence.

On July 2, it was reported that three women in their twenties testified that they, too, had gone on Tinder dates with Bailey Boswell. Each witness said it led her to having sex with both Trail and Boswell in group settings.

The witnesses — identified only as A.H., A.G., and K.B. — reportedly told the court that, after sex, Trail and Boswell would talk about torturing and killing other females.

In addition, the witnesses allegedly described Trail acting as the “Daddy Vampire” to a “cult” of “witches” that he created by using Boswell to lure in women via Tinder. The witnesses also reportedly said Boswell acted as “Queen Witch.”

The woman also alleged that, once they were in the cult, Trail gave them “allowances” and provided money for shopping, dinners, and salon appointments.

One 22-year-old witness allegedly testified that Trail promised she would gain magical powers, including the ability to fly and read minds, if she murdered someone and “took their last breath.”

According to the Lincoln Journal-Star, witness A.H. testified that Trail got off on seeing people in pain and had a “kill bag” containing pliers and a hammer. A.H. also allegedly said Trail told her he wanted to yank out people’s fingernails and slice off their eyelids as she tortured them.

In court, Trail’s attorney, Ben Murray, reportedly said to A.H., “We’ve got the sex, we’ve got witches, we’ve got a vampire, and then we start talking about torture and killing people, and this is exciting to you, too?”

The witness allegedly responded, “Yes,” and said that she wanted to kill a woman at Walmart that Boswell had met on Tinder, but didn’t do it.

A.G., the next witness, reportedly said she was skeptical about Trail’s vampire claims, and “wasn’t comfortable” with his talk of human sacrifice.

The third witness, K.B., reportedly testified that she was in a “dominant-submissive” relationship with Trail and that he bought her a pink leash.

Authorities allege that the leash was found at the scene where Loofe’s body was recovered, and K.B. claimed she didn’t know how it got there.

When asked if it was possible that she may have helped dispose of the body, K.B. reportedly answered, “I don’t know” and added that she might have been there, but it’s possible she suppressed the memory.

More recent testimony at the trial has been less sensational.

Dr. Michelle Elieff, the forensic pathologist who performed Loofe’s autopsy, testified that the body had been chopped into 14 pieces and placed into bags. She also testified that Loofe’s wounds indicated she had struggled and had been restrained.

As evidence, the medical report allegedly cited a torn earlobe and bruises on the victim’s wrists, inner thighs, and the back of her head.

Dr. Elieff further said she believed Loofe fell prey to homicidal actions, pointing out that burst blood vessels in her eyes and face and a hemorrhage across her neck indicated strangulation.

From there, forensic pathologist Dr. Steven Symes told the court that the saw marks left on Loofe’s bones were consistent with the hacksaw Trail can allegedly be seen purchasing from Home Depot on surveillance video.

This past Tuesday, FBI Special Agent Mike Maseth testified that Trail had recently written “coded” letters that he tried to get to Boswell, wherein he was attempting to direct her what to tell the authorities.

In one letter, which Special Agent Maseth reportedly read to the court, Trail allegedly told Boswell to claim that they had been planning to make a fake snuff film with Loofe and two other women — and that he killed Loofe without ever telling Boswell that was his intention.

Trail allegedly wanted Boswell to paint him as the only guilty party and say that he had brainwashed her. He reportedly wrote in one note, “We have to make people hate me and feel sorry for you. All I care about is getting you out.”

If convicted, both Aubrey Trail and Bailey Bosworth could face the death penalty.

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