Video: Young Mom Denise Amber Lee Kidnapped In Broad Daylight Jan 3, 2020

Kidnapped in broad daylight at home with her children present, she bravely made a 911 call, however a tragic mistake would seal he …

Minnesota Man Accused Of Fatally Shooting Woman After She Told Him To Hurry Up Jan 7, 2020

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Angelo Borreson allegedly claims he didn’t intend for his shotgun to discharge three times.

5 Key Facts About The Jessica Chambers Murder Case: Why Was The Small Town Cheerleader Burned Alive? Sep 14, 2018

By: Catherine Townsend

Jessica Chambers suffered an agonizing death: Firefighters saw her walking toward them, wearing only her underwear & burned over 9 …

Suspect In Jassy Correia Case Arrested, Charged With Kidnapping Resulting In Death Mar 4, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

After the 23-year-old mom vanished from a Boston nightclub, she was found dead in a car trunk.

'Werewolf' Jeremy Steinke & Jasmine Richardson, 12, Brutally Slay Her Family For Love Dec 11, 2018

By: Mike McPadden

The couple’s motive for mass slaughter arose from Marc and Debra objecting to their preteen daughter dating a guy in his 20s

Woman Was Using iPad To Track Ex-Husband Just Before He Killed Her: Cops Feb 7, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

The victim was following her ex online right up until he allegedly barged in and shot her.

Who Murdered & Burned Playboy Model Paula Sladewski? Jan 2, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

No one knows exactly what Paula Sladewski did next. Grainy CCTV video depicts her leaving Club Space at 7 A.M., possibly accompani …

Robert Durst's 'Crime Family' Helped Him Cover Up Wife's Murder, Lawsuit Alleges Mar 25, 2019

By: Catherine Townsend

The lawsuit alleges that Kathie had planned to expose the Durst family's illegal business dealings, according to the wrongful deat …

Video: How Ancestral DNA Cracks Cold Cases Like the Bear Brook Murders Dec 20, 2019

Cracking cold cases using genealogical DNA takes a combination of scientific analysis and detective work.

Mom Allegedly Drowned Her 10-Month-Old Twin Sons In A Motel Bathtub Nov 11, 2019

By: Catherine Townsend

Heather Langdon’s sister Teresa says she just saw Heather last weekend, and that her sister “seemed normal.”

Man Who Strangled Woman During 'Rough Sex' Gets Life In Prison For Her Murder Sep 12, 2018

By: Catherine Townsend

After killing Charlotte Teeling, Richard Bailey allegedly used his victim's bank card and traveled to Coventry to see a former lov …

Valerie Reyes Had A Premonition: Told Mom, 'I'm Afraid Someone Is Going To Murder Me' Nov 7, 2019

By: Catherine Townsend

According to her mother, it is unclear exactly who Valerie Reyes was afraid of or why she believed that she was being targeted.

'She Thought He Was An Uber Driver': Student Allegedly Killed After Getting Into Wrong Car Nov 7, 2019

By: Catherine Townsend

Samantha Josephson's father posted on Facebook that his daughter “is no longer with us but she will not be forgotten.”

Can You Help Solve The Murder Of 7-Year-Old Michelle Norris? Sep 17, 2018

By: Mike McPadden

If you have any information regarding the unsolved murder of Michelle Norris, please contact the Rhode Island State Police at (401 …

The Murderous Pastor Who Craved Sex With The Dead Oct 18, 2018

By: Matt Gilligan

After killing Conway's mother, John D. White dressed the three-year-old in his Halloween costume and dropped the oblivious boy off …

Discovery Of Charred Body Of Fire Chief’s Wife Sparks Hunt For Her Killer Nov 2, 2018

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Once the flames were put out, the mystery of who murdered Nanette Krentel was just beginning.

NFL Pro Walks Free After Spending 18 Years In Prison For Pregnant Girlfriend’s Murder Oct 22, 2018

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Ex-Carolina Panther Rae Carruth hopes to be involved in their now-adult son's life.

Killer Dad Dubbed ‘Candyman’ Poisoned Son With Cyanide-Laced Halloween Treats Oct 17, 2018

By: Aaron Rasmussen

The true-crime case of Ronald Clark O’Bryan, known as “Candyman” and “The Man Who Killed Halloween,” forever changed the way many …