Mug Shots Of The Living Dead: Crimes Committed By And Against 'Zombies'

October 24, 2016
By: Catherine Townsend

Not only do we have to worry about the Creepy Clowns, but there are also people who believe — or at least pretend to believe — that we are battling real-life living dead and are creating a crime wave of their own. From the face-eating Florida frat boy to the Arkansas man who apparently thinks The Walking Dead is a documentary, here are a few of the “zombie” crimes making headlines:

Ryan Stanislaw [Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office]

Ryan Stanislaw [Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office]

Minnesota Man Fires At “Zombie” On The Road

Police arrested Ryan Stanislaw, 24, after he allegedly shot through a neighbor’s window with an AR-15 assault rifle. Police say they found Stanislaw walking the streets, and he told them he fired at someone he thought was a zombie on the road. “I’m out here making sure my neighborhood is safe,” he said, according to the police complaint. “I didn’t see the cops, so I figured I’d do something.” The manufacturer of Stanislaw’s gun touts the weapons effectiveness against zombies: “Each round is loaded with a special, neon green, polymer-tipped Z-Max bullet that delivers devastating expansion and was specifically designed for zombie elimination.” The unidentified neighbor had a lucky escape; the bullet broke the glass in his window and hit his wall, but missed his body. [Newser]

Three Men Pretend To Be Zombies In Order To Rob Restaurant

Three Russian men pretended to be zombies in order to cause panic at a restaurant in Thailand so that they could rob their fellow diners. The three men, all in their 20s, were filmed biting each other and rolling around on the floor at the Surf Kitchen Restaurant in Pattaya. But instead of running, staff armed with wooden chairs bravely confronted the “zombies,” according to the Asian Correspondent. Police arrived to question the men, who claimed to have been pulling an innocent prank. They were later released. [Daily Mirror]

British Soldier Abused Young Girl By Pretending To Be A Zombie

York Crown Court [Wikimedia Commons]

York Crown Court [Wikimedia Commons]

A British soldier who abused a young girl after pretending to be a zombie has been put behind bars. Dean Whittaker, 19, sexually abused the girl, who is in elementary school, by playing children’s games in which he pretended to be a zombie and murderer in a darkened room. According to testimony given in York Crown Court, he also played a teacher and had her pretend to be a pupil. The child told the jury he bribed her with promises of computer game software for her mobile phone to take part in the sexual activities, and told her not to tell anyone because he would go to prison if she did. [Gazette Herald]

Man Who Showed Child Zombie Horror Movie Charged With Child Cruelty 20 Years Later

A scene from Night of the Living Dead [Wikimedia Commons]

A scene from Night of the Living Dead [Wikimedia Commons]

A man who showed a six-year-old girl he was babysitting the classic zombie horror film Night of the Living Dead as a punishment has been found guilty of child cruelty more than 20 years later. Peter Bayliss, 53, was living in Worcestershire in the early 1990s when he showed the child the George A. Romero film Night of the Living Dead as a form of punishment. The child, who is now an adult, was allegedly severely traumatized by it, and a crown court has ruled that there was sufficient evidence that the girl suffered through horrific “nightmares for some time afterwards.” Bayliss was given a suspended sentence of six months of incarceration, 18 months supervised probation, and 160 hours of unpaid work. [1428Elm]

Zombie-Inspired Killer In Dubai Cut Off Victim’s Head, Hands

Dubai Police have identified the killer known as the “Butcher,” who cut off the head and hands of his victim and buried them in Ajman, while her torso was found in Al Warqa’a. Police say that the killer, who worked as a butcher in the Philippines, has said he was inspired by zombie movies. Authorities say that the accused owed the victim money, and when she demanded repayment the killer lured her from her home and stabbed her to death before dismembering her body. The defendant is awaiting trial in Dubai. [Emirates 24/7 KhaleejTimes/YouTube]

Police Pull Over Two Friends In Costume After Mistaking Them For Real-Life Living Dead

Police pulled over two friends who had been filming a horror series on the M62 near Birchwood/Warrnington after mistaking them for real-life zombies. Diane Holden, 56, and Steve Lowe, 60, were still in full costume, complete with piercing white contact lenses and fake blood so realistic that another driver called police to report a possible assault. The friends were pulled over by patrols near Junction 11 in September. The pair were quickly released, but not before the police officer asked for a selfie. “The officer came back and we explained we had spent six hours filming Dead Town, and he asked us if he could take a photo of us and tweet it as no one at the station would believe him!” Lowe said. [Manchester Evening News]

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