Man Found Living in Storage Unit With Dismembered Wife's Body

November 02, 2017
By: Catherine Townsend

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

LENEXA, KS — A 34-year-old father is behind bars in Kansas after authorities discovered him inside a small storage unit where he was believed to be living with a portable cooler containing the dismembered remains of his wife.

Justin Rey, 34, was arrested after police were tipped off that someone was sleeping in a storage unit in Lenexa on October 26. They went to the storage facility to investigate, and found Rey with his two daughters — a toddler and a five-day-old infant. No diapers or food were found at the scene.

Police also looked inside a cooler and found human remains in several pieces.

Rey told authorities his wife died while giving birth to their newborn, according to a search warrant obtained by KCTV. Police have stated that they are not sure yet if Rey’s story is true.

Rey is jailed on $1 million bond in Johnson County, Kansas, on two counts each of aggravated child endangerment and contributing to a child’s misconduct.

Criminal charges have not yet been filed in the death of Jessica Monteiro Rey, according to law-enforcement sources interviewed by People.

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