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Valley of the Damned is a 6-part series examining seven murders which have rocked the beautiful, desolate mountain region of Fremont County and its environs, deep in the Colorado Rockies. This vast, inhospitable region of Southern Colorado is known as Prison Valley because it's home to 15 super-tough prisons including America's only Federal Supermax - where the Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo are locked up. This Valley has more correctional facilities than any other in the US, so in a town where you're surrounded by prisons, how does someone get away with murder? Over six episode we'll tell the raw and emotional stories of twisted, psychologically complex homicides that all took place in Prison Valley; from the carefully planned assassination of Prison Valley's Head of Corrections, to an infamous Colorado love-triangle murder case, and a charismatic Jehovah's Witness who chose murder over divorce. One unsolved murder case delves into possible police corruption; we reveal how dark secrets of this Valley were exposed when a cop's personal storage unit was discovered to contain evidence related to the investigation of the unsolved murder of a local Prison Valley girl, 17-year-old Candace Hiltz. For the first time ever, family, police, witnesses. lawyers and journalists come together to discuss what they think really happened to Candace, as her supporters continue the fight for justice. There's a saying in these parts, 'You come on vacation but leave on probation.'

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