About The Night That Didn't End

When a person is murdered, their life's story comes to an abrupt end. But for the loved ones left behind, it's just the start of an unending nightmare. Friends and family often relive traumatic memories in vivid detail for the rest of their lives -- forever haunted by that one last glance of the victim, a voicemail message that went unanswered, or a gruesome memory from the crime scene itself. The most mundane experiences in the present something they see, smell, or hear -- can launch a survivor right back into the tragic wreckage of a homicide, and amplify that constant loop of re-examination and regret. What if they'd come home earlier or answered that call would their loved one still be alive today? As painful as these recollections can be, homicide investigators know that they can be valuable pieces of a bigger puzzle, often providing critical clues that help detectives piece together the final hours of the victim's life. Like victims' loved ones, detectives also live and breathe the minute details surrounding the days before and after a murder. It's ultimately up to them to create a timeline using these fractured memories and analyze important clues to find out what really happened to the victim, even if it means bearing witness to sheer horror and senselessness along the way. The Night That Didn't End brings to the forefront the raw, undying emotion that lives in the wake of a homicide, through the eyes of those closest to the events and most damaged by the loss. Their lives will never be the same, but in the end, their grief filled recollections and vividly recounted first person descriptions, come together to reveal the truth behind the tragedy.

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