About Susan Powell: The Missing Pieces

When Susan Powell went missing on December 9, 2009, the public’s sympathy was initially with her husband, Josh Powell. However, as Josh’s behavior became more standoffish and bizarre, the public - and the police - turned their critical eye toward him. A close look at Josh Powell’s life revealed that he had a very close, and dysfunctional, relationship with his father, Steven Powell. With Josh’s help, Steven began a web-based smear campaign against Susan Powell and her parents.Josh and Steven’s odd and aggressive behavior raised the suspicions of Jennifer Graves, Josh’s sister. Jennifer had been estranged from Steven Powell since Steven divorced in 1992. Jennifer had also become very close to Susan in the months before Susan disappeared. Jennifer was concerned that Josh, and possibly Steven, had somehow been involved with Susan’s disappearance. In early 2010, Jennifer Graves approached the West Valley City, Utah police and asked if she could do anything to help in the effort to solve Susan’s disappearance. She offered to wear a wire and try to coerce information from Josh and Steven. The police flew Jennifer up to Steven’s home in Puyallup, Washington and she talked to her father and brother, inciting belligerent responses from both. Before the family argument was over, Steven Powell banned his daughter from ever setting foot in the Powell house again. The never-before-heard wire tap of this confrontation offers a rare glimpse into the Powell family relationship. One of the strangest items on the website that Josh and Steven Powell used to discredit Susan was the bizarre allegation that Susan had been having an affair with Steven Koecher. Koecher was a St. George, Utah resident who had also disappeared in December of 2009. Steven Powell was very insistent that Susan and Koecher had run off together. True crime podcaster Steven Pacheco, who has studied the Steven Koecher case extensively, talks about who Koecher was and walks us through the very strange days that led up to Koecher’s disappearance.Finally, in never-before-seen police interview footage, Steven Powell candidly discusses his twisted obsession with his son’s wife.

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