About Serial Killer: Devil Unchained

Serial Killer: Devil Unchained is a 3-part special event series for ID which deconstructs the life and crimes of serial killer Todd Kohlhepp a South Carolina realtor whose murderous past is only discovered when a young woman named Kala Brown is found alive, chained up in a shipping container on his secluded wooded property after disappearing two months earlier. Convicted of seven murders, Kohlhepp discloses he has even more victims to investigative journalist Maria Awes, who then spends two years interviewing him about his crimes. She teams up with victims' families, those close to the killer, former FBI profiler John Douglas and local law enforcement to get to the truth. Featuring exclusive interviews with Kohlhepp himself along with never-before-seen archival footage and chilling crime scene video, this true crime docuseries paints a portrait of a rapist and a serial killer who managed to go undetected for 13 years and examines whether it's possible he could have been caught more quickly.

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