About Primal Instinct

PRIMAL INSTINCT is a compelling true-crime series about the dangerous duality of attraction. Each episode is a mini horror/suspense film that tells real stories of people pulled into seemingly innocent romantic encounters that end up changing the course of their lives forever. Inspired by psychological thrillers like FATAL ATTRACTION and UNFAITHFUL, each suspenseful story begins with the meeting of two people, but will quickly spiral into a living nightmare. The evolution of each relationship and the escalation of extreme behavior will be distinct across episodes, offering a fresh and mysterious journey from a refusal to let go, to a twisted web of lies and betrayals, dangerous obsessions, scandalous affairs, to sometimes stalking, and almost always murder. You'll never know who to trust or where the story will take you. The series captures the intensity of a romantic draw, both the requited and unrequited, as well as the spectacle of observing evolved and "civilized" humans making the most primal of decisions. These stories prove that we are all toeing a tenuous line with every seemingly innocent interaction.

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