About Pamela Smart: The Missing Pieces

When Pamela Smart was tried for the murder of her husband Greg, the lurid details of the case attracted a media firestorm (or, in Pam’s words, a “witchhunt”). Pam’s trial was broadcast from “gavel-to-gavel”, the first time a criminal trial became a daily media event. The Smart case set the stage for later “criminal-ebrity” sensations like OJ, the Menendez Brothers, Casey Anthony, and Jodi Arias. However, there are many who think that the truth was lost in all that noise. When Hollywood produced two movies based on the Smart case - 1991’s Murder In New Hampshire, starring Helen Hunt, and 1995’s To Die For, starring Nicole Kidman - the fictionalization of the story became the narrative. Through a game of pop culture telephone, Pam’s story turned into a legend. To this day, people believe Pam was a news anchor (as was Kidman’s character in To Die For) or a school teacher (she was a media coordinator for the high school). Pam sits down with crime journalist Diane Dimond and attempts to clear up what she believes are the misconceptions and inaccuracies regarding the public’s perception of her. Then, Pam takes on the prosecution’s most damning pieces of evidence: recorded conversations between Pam and Cecilia Pierce. These tapes essentially swung the jury to find Pam guilty. On them, the prosecution argued, Pam was coaching Cecilia to lie to the police. According to Pam, what she said to Cecilia was taken out of context. She also contends that the transcripts of the tapes that were handed to the jurors are grossly out of touch with what was actually said. The tapes themselves are very difficult to make out. According to Pam (and others who have closely listened to the tapes), several of the keywords used to implicate Pam could easily be other words, completely changing the context of the conversation. Lastly, The Missing Pieces looks at Pam’s post-incarceration life. She discusses the fates of her alleged accomplices - the teenage boys who are all now well into their thirties and out of prison. She also speaks about the petition she and her team are putting together to send to the Governor of NH to appeal for a sentence reduction based on the charitable work she’s been doing while in prison.

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