About Pamela Smart: An American Murder Mystery

Sex, lies and high school -- who killed Gregg Smart? On May 1, 1990, Pam Smart finds her husband Gregg dead on the floor of their southern New Hampshire condo. Police scour the region for clues to his murderer's identity. Meanwhile, the grieving widow makes curious television appearances publicizing her plight, and hides a sordid affair from police. In this three-part special we investigate one of the most salacious murders in American history. We examine the case that fascinated the country with interviews from the story's key players the police detective who tirelessly chased down leads; the prosecutor who painstakingly crafted the case; and, in an exclusive interview, the defendant herself Pam Smart. Then, we reveal the stunning evidence against Pam, as well as the defense's desperate attempts to set her free.

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